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Like everything else, the cost of food has gone sky-high. Worse, the availability is spotty, too. At Kitty Quarters, we feed a consistent diet to all cats, that are not on a special one, Friskies Pate. We use Turkey and Giblets and Mariner’s catch (for those that like fish). Why? Several reasons:

  1. Consistency of food helps the cats' digestion. If there is evidence of a problem (throw up, runny stool, etc.) it's likely not the food.
  2. This is a common brand so adopting families can find it at the local grocery and be able to continue feeding it.

Each cat gets half a can, twice a day. Usually, we have 16-20 cats at Kitty Quarters which means 16-20 cans per day. There are 24 cans per case and a case costs roughly $17. If you do the math, that’s 600 cans (25 cases) of food per month costing $425 per month.

Here’s how you could help us pay for food:

Make a single donation for the number of cases you want to help us purchase. Better yet, become a monthly donor for the number of cases you want to help us with.

Your continued donations and support are our lifeblood that keeps Kitty Quarters able to do its mission – pairing cats with people to benefit both.

Thank you in advance for your caring generosity. Donations are still tax-deductible and receipts will be automatically emailed to you.

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25 Supporters

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