2019 ChessBoxing World Championship

Help us train, travel and compete to bring home gold for Team USA in Turkey!


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Last year more than 120 fighters from 7 different countries joined for the first amateur world championships. Now more than 150 fighters from all over the world are expected, ranging from the 11 member countries, like Russia, Germany, India, Iran, USA, France, Finland and Italy to fighters from countries where there is not yet a Chessboxing organisation in place. The level of the fighters vary from 3 to more than 80 amateur boxing bouts as well as chess ELO ratings between 1200 and 1800+. 

Help support our dream of representing Team USA in the 2019 Chessboxing Amateur World Championship In Antalya, Turkey December 11-14. Each fighter needs to raise about $2,000 to cover travel, competition, food, lodging, and training costs. Anything over the cost of training, travel and competition will be donated to the nonprofit, Brawl for a Cause to benefit everyday people who are willing to literally fight for what they believe in most. 



24 supporters

$10,000 goal

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