Voices of Concinnity Mini-Concert for Microgrants


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Voices of Concinnity Mini-Concert for Microgrants

Sunday at 7:00 PM EDT

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Add to Calendar 2021-10-24 19:00:00 America/New_York Voices of Concinnity Mini-Concert for Microgrants

This event will be livestreamed on our Givebutter page: https://givebutter.com/vYuFaG

This event will be livestreamed on our Givebutter page: https://givebutter.com/vYuFaG



In August 2020, Lift Music Fund was started to address the racial inequity in the field of music. We saw how this intersected with the racial wealth gap in our country.

Even before a student reaches the pre-professional level, financial barriers can prevent aspiring musicians from even taking the first steps toward a career in music.


Because music is expensive.

A good student flute is $1,000; a professional model is $15,000. Weekly private lessons range from $50-$100 per hour. A set of decent cello strings can set you back $250. A box of saxophone reeds costs $35.

When you consider these expenses it becomes clear why careers in music usually develop out of a place of privilege.

This isn't fair.

We believe that every student should have the opportunity to realize their full potential in music.

That is why we created Lift Music Fund.

Our mission is to make achievement in music more accessible and equitable.

We help underrepresented students overcome the barriers, financial and otherwise, to pursuing a career in music.

Join us in supporting the next generation of musicians.

Learn more at liftmusicfund.org.

About our fiscal sponsorship:

Lift Music Fund is under the fiscal sponsorship of Athens Area Arts Council, an IRS-designated 501(c)(3). This means that your donations are tax deductible and will be processed by AAAC and directed to Lift Music Fund.


Voices of Concinnity (www.consonare-sing.org) is a 12-voice ensemble of dedicated, seasoned choral artists from diverse backgrounds who strive to cultivate the art of chamber ensemble singing in Connecticut. Our mission is to connect with the community through exquisitely crafted, living choral music that fosters inclusion with innovative and collaborative programming, explores representation in choral music, and ensures affordable access to quality performances and programs for all. Concinnity performs choral music from the Renaissance to the Contemporary and is dedicated to fulfilling our mission, even in the midst of the pandemic.



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