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Vimarsha Foundation's Giving Season Fundraiser

Support us in this once-a-year campaign to raise funds for our activities!


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Dear Vimarsha Family, 

During Giving Season, we are running our once-a-year general fundraiser to raise financial support for our regular activities. We want to share more with you about who we are, about our vision is, and how your donations help us accomplish our goals. 

Vimarsha Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We are an independent organization that possesses no political affiliations or agenda. Vimarsha is currently supported entirely by donations and the efforts of a small, dedicated team of volunteers.

Who We Are

Vimarsha Foundation is a modern school (gurukula) for teaching and reflecting on the wisdom of the rishis and siddhas. 

We are devoted to authentic, traditional modes of transmission of ancient and profound Dharma traditions of spiritual philosophy and practice to a modern world that is in need of spiritual guidance and direction. Vimarsha Foundation aims to integrate śāstra and sādhanā while sustaining the paramparā of contemplative methods with open-ended rational approaches. 

Our Founder is Acharya Dr. Sthaneshwar Timalsina, belovedly referred to as 'Acharyaji' by his students. Acharyaji is a traditionally trained and consecrated Acharya of Sarvāmnāya Tantra who is also a Professor and the Endowed Chair of Indic Studies at Stony Brook University's Department of Asian & Asian American Studies in New York, U.S.A.

Acharyaji is a recognized world expert on some of the most important Indic philosophic and practical spiritual traditions, and he is fully empowered to initiate, train, and guide sādhikas and sādhakas in these profound practices while still maintaining modern-day lives, thereby allowing his students to experience personal and spiritual transformation and fulfillment in our very real, everyday lives. 

Our Vision

The vision of Vimarsha is to teach, research, conserve, and publish Sanskrit philosophical and other literature from the Dharma traditions that expand global awareness. We seek to engage the wisdom of the contemplative traditions of Hindu Dharma to foster creative dialogue in the humanities and social sciences, and we create and support platforms for collaboration between the Dharma philosophical traditions and global philosophies in contemplative, experiential, and scientific empirical levels.

Vimarsha Foundation promotes awareness of alternative (non-Western) philosophies and worldviews, diverse cultures, languages, and ways of life, as resources for addressing global problems and foster dialogue between science and the humanities, and cultivate a deeper understanding of thoughts and practices from around the globe.

To accomplish our goals, your support is invaluable.

We appreciate any support you can provide, no amount is too small. All your contributions will go directly to Vimarsha Foundation's projects and initiatives.

Your donations help us...

  1. Continue to hold free semesterly courses on classical Dharmic texts (shastras) instructed by Acharya Dr. Sthaneshwar Timalsina. These courses are open to all students who are interested in learning, and thousands of students from around the world have studied with us to date. 

  2. Reach many more people with our teachings. Our teachings are easily accessible due to our intentional use of digital technology to educate all who are eager to learn. Not only do we provide semesterly courses, but we also have much more material available free of charge on Social Media channels such as YouTube and Instagram. Because of the accessible nature of our teachings, students from remote locations who do not have access to Dharmic knowledge through other means are able to grow in their knowledge and practice of Hindu Dharma. 

  3. Maintain our website, storage, and other services that are needed in the background to be able to provide educational content to as many people as possible. 

  4. Offer many more scholarships for those who are not able to pay small fees to access past courses. We have offered over 150 scholarships to date.

  5. Expand our research by creating a center to assist scholars in their research in Dharmic fields. 

  6. Grow our digital library and archive to disseminate Dharmic knowledge to many others

​...and so much more!

Our fundrasier accepts the following payment methods: all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, DAFs, ACH, and digital wallets like Apple and Google. If you require any support related to payments, please Contact Us and a volunteer will be able to assist you. 

​We understand that some of you, though eager, are not able to participate in this fundraiser various reasons. Even if you are not able to make a financial contribution, you can participate by sharing the fundraiser with your community and including a message of how Vimarsha Foundation has made an impact on you. 

Thank you for supporting us. 


The Vimarsha Foundation Team








Share Fundraiser


62 Supporters

69% of $10,000 goal

Vimarsha Foundation of Global Philosophy

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

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