Ingress Prime Faction Face-off

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Accessible Academics

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Help your faction win - while supporting a great cause! To donate, select your faction from the Team Leaderboard to give your faction credit for the donation.

Your donation is tax deductible and 100% goes to supporting Accessible Academics programming.  Thank you for helping students with disabilities!   Note that donors will be automatically entered to win prizes.

Competition Rules:  The House with the best out of 5 wins! 

  1. Amount of Donations raised
  2. Number of donors per team
  3. # Kilometers walked
  4. # Portals captured
  5. # Enemy links destroyed

As a reminder - for us to count your progress in kilometers, portals captured and enemy links, you need to register your character sheet so we have a "before" and "after" for comparison.   To register, visit


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