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Abraxas Dragon Art Car



2019 BANDANAS are CURRENTLY OUT. However, we know how the burn goes. Whether you lost it, it got shwizzified, or you gifted it to someone that you felt needed it more than you at the time, we get it. That's why we have decided to print another round of all 4 colors. For those of you who contributed for one before the burn, you have an opportunity to replace it for half of the donation level. Our backup bandanna fundraiser program if you will. We have your name in our database so when you donate $25 you will get it. All donating for the first time. Stay Tuned because we are coordinating a 2nd round of screenprinting.

If you breathe life and energy into your spiritual dragon, you create change that brings life and energy into all, allowing you to ride the dragons expansive sprit to a zenith of endless possibilities. 

Abraxas is an endless world of epic possibilities, where we create magic and bring authentic experiences wherever we go. There is a special type of energy that’s unique to Abraxas. People see it, hear it, feel it and come from miles around from a world to find true connection. For all you dragon lovers, dragon riders, dragon tamers, and dragon keepers, we ask of all of you to help keep this magical spirit alive.

 The belly of the dragon is an incubator for pure artistic expression both up and coming and established. Here is where pure artistry is hatched.



What funds will be used for:

  • 6-sub Funktion-One sound system rental with dedicated sound engineer
  • Vehicle and geny repairs/maintenance

  • Licenses
  • Transport to the playa

  • Decor and Skin

  • Dragon head revamp

  • Materials

  • Gifts


(pictures below)

There is a 2-step process:
First, pick your donation level and donate to GiveButter.
Second, click the Redeem link to fill out the form.



Dragon Rider

$25 — Die Cut Quality Vinyl Sticker 4x2"

Dragon Tribe
(qty left: Bk: SOLD OUT, White: SOLD OUT, Burg: SOLD OUT)

$50–$149: Silkscreen Bandanna and Sticker 22x22"

—>Fabric Colors: Black, White, Burgundy

Dragon Protector
We have 10 medallions left.
$300–$999: Antique Gold Finish Brass VIP Medallion with chain, Silkscreen Bandana, Sticker

—>Fabric Colors: Black, White, Burgundy

Dragon Savior
(Shade Panel Set: 1 | Soni Bloom Pair of Tix: 1)

$888+ >Ambient Architects set of 3 triangle solid purple shade panels, Antique Gold Finish Brass VIP Medallion with chain, 2 Silkscreen Bandannas fabric color of your choice (including a limited purple edition)

$777 –2 Sonic Bloom Festival tickets for 2020 in Colorado, Antique Gold Finish Brass VIP Medallion with chain, 2 Silkscreen Bandannas fabric color of your choice (including a limited purple edition)

Black Silkscreen Bandanas Metalic Gold Ink 22x22"

Black Silkscreen Bandanas Metalic Gold Ink 22x22"

Burgundy Silkscreen Bandanas Metalic Gold Ink 22x22"

Antique Gold Finish Brass VIP Medallion 1.5"
 with 18k gold-plated ball chain. MADE IN THE USA

3 Ambient Architects Triangle shade panels purple

The Abraxas Logo Back Story

The Abraxas logo and emblem is a precious gift entrusted to us from the masterfully talented Marty Kenney. Back in 2010 I was poised to capture the essence of Abraxas in a logo mark that fit our aesthetic. Sullen that I could not come up with anything I liked, I knew I could identify it when it materializes. In San Diego, I met Marty for the first time. Tim told me I should talk to Marty about the logo because his design skills are ‘sick’. Optimystically, I had a chat with Marty about it, and he said that he would be honored to create something for the Abraxas. He already started having ideas while we chatted about the creative brief.

The next day he emailed me a hand drawing in his sketchbook that was it. Stunning, we rolled with the illustration and did the necessary digital transfer to make it a mark. After some time playing with it, I came to realize that Abraxas also needed to have a second version that can fit nicely in a circle or similar shape. I asked Marty what if we decoupled the dragon from the hand lettering and made a separate emblem. Intrigued for the challenge, he asked what I had in mind to use in the center. I didn't know, so I advise that he explore. To get something going, I gave him various mystical symbols from Chinese lore to start with. Nothing worked. After we exhausted our ideas, a thought popped in my head to remove the other shit and stay with the dragon only. What we needed was a focal point minus all the shwizz. A spiral! The spiral is the vector of birth, growth, and movement. I suggested to him to try spiraling the tail. Everything fell into place, and the Abraxas logo symbol was born out of a primordial explosion of creative energy. The reception from the community was spectacular. We are forever grateful for his work.

The creative process with Marty taught me a lesson and many more as we developed a relationship of sharing design feedback. He helped me break out of the clean, corporate design style and turn up the volume to explore graphics more freely. In remembrance, Marty was an insightful, creative, masterfully artistic, and rad friend that I will admire until my end. I designed this mandala days after I heard of his passing.

Bless your soul, Marty. I hope you can see it from where you are now.



Anonymous made a donation

8 months ago

Thank you ☺️

Kermit Crew made a donation

8 months ago


Had an amazing time camping with you guys. Just wanted to support as much as I could afford right now. Maybe I could get one of those amazing medallions!??? I am a medallion/pendant lover! Hope to see you guys on the playa again next year and camp with all you amazing weirdos! ✨🔥🤩🔥✨ Keepin it Steezy....😉 -Kermit

TonTon made a donation

9 months ago


Big Love to all of you!

Manon made a donation

9 months ago


Can't wait to ride this beautiful dragon <3

Shamana Ma & Xander Channing made a donation

9 months ago


We love you❣️

Chris Tompkins made a donation

9 months ago


We ride again!

Michelle Nayeli made a donation

9 months ago


Homie love! Grateful fo all you do, it takes a village!

Howie & Deb made a donation

9 months ago


Rock it out Space Cowboys...see ya soon.

Nathanael Weiss made a donation

9 months ago


Nice job on the dragon as always guys! Cant wait to see ya on the playa

Blair Pendleton made a donation

9 months ago


Becca made a donation

9 months ago


Get it!

Bodega made a donation

9 months ago


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