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We are the Great Rivers Environmental Law firm! We are Missouri's first and only public interest law firm, and we are dedicated to what really matters; the world and the people within. That is why we have a dual focus on both the environment and the health of the public!



We tackle a myriad of issues, from fighting for everyone's (human, plant, and animal) right to a clean environment, to encouraging efficient use of energy and technology, to protecting the natural balance of nature in a variety of habitats, to preserving the open spaces of the world for their recreational, resource, and downright aesthetic benefits.

But we can't do it alone! Over 90% of our funding comes from individual donations, so your support is paramount for us to continue to do what we do best; protecting the residents of Missouri and Southern Illinois from threats to their quality and ease of life! Help us help everyone!

We have several projects in the works, which are detailed in our blog here! Some of our noteworthy recent accomplishments were preventing the dumping of harmful wastes such as E.Coli and Ammonia in Missouri's Big River,  continuing a six-year long legal battle to protect disadvantaged neighborhoods from industrial pollution, and helping to prevent the development of an uneeded and destructive pipeline across both Missouri and Illinois.

With Givebutter, you can either donate directly or fundraise for us on your own. By clicking the fundraise option, you'll be able to join our fundraising team, build your own personalized page, and get right to raising money for our cause in a way that is perfect for you! In whatever choice you take, we thank you for your continued support!

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