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NYC Community Garden Structures


Shaping Futures, Building Together!


Our Mission 


At Ecotone, we are driven by a singular purpose: to curate spaces that foster well-being. Our mission resonates deeply with humanitarian values, as we tirelessly champion apprenticeship training and workforce development initiatives throughout the city. Our commitment extends to democratizing wellness for every New Yorker.


We extend an invitation for you to align with our vision by becoming a sponsor. Together, we can propel our collective efforts forward, nurturing healthier communities and forging a sustainable future for all.


About Us 


With over two decades of woodworking expertise, Ecotone was built in 2010. Based in Brooklyn, we believe that wellness should be a basic human right.

Through woodworking, Ecotone promotes community wellness via education and experiential learning.

We focus on practical, accessible projects that enrich the lives of countless New Yorkers, redefining wellness on a global scale.


Our team, along with dedicated volunteers, has completed numerous beloved projects across NYC, providing shelter for year-round programming in community garden spaces. Last year, in partnership with NYC Parks Greenthumb, we built and installed meeting structures in 15 community gardens throughout the city.


Beyond park construction, we lead training programs and apprenticeships, which have empowered over a hundred individuals and counting. This commitment demonstrates our dedication to coaching the next generation of skilled professionals, providing a direct pathway to workforce participation.


Gaining donations and support, especially through partnerships with non-profits like BCNY– The Boys Club NYC, allows Ecotone to funnel funding into projects that benefit both the community and their apprentices, showcasing the role of small businesses in developing a brighter city. Ecotone has received support from various organizations, including The Doe Fund, BCNY, several community garden groups, Green City Force, and Apex Trade School, instrumental in funding apprenticeship programs and community projects. 

This support funds building materials, design approvals, construction logistics, and apprenticeship programs. Donations also cover essentials for event days, food, equipment, safety measures, etc. 


Our focus in 2024 is securing private funding for the followiong NYC Parks' projects:


  1. Montauk Atkins: 214 Montauk Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

  2. Preston Community Garden: 1711 Park Place, Brooklyn, NY

  3. Positive Seeds of Life Garden: 554 Snediker Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

  4. Corozal Family: 170 East 117th Street, Manhattan, NY

  5. Frederick Douglass Community Garden: 300 W 152nd Street, Manhattan, NY

  6. Jes Good Rewards: 155 Amboy Street, Brooklyn, NY

  7. Patchen Community Square Garden: 142 Patchen Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

  8. Madison Hill: 90 Madison Street, Brooklyn, NY


By supporting Ecotone, you're investing in our city's well-being. We provide the tools, expertise, labor, and partnerships to spread wellness spaces across NYC.



Together, let's make a difference where it matters most. Join us today!




EcotoneApprenticeship Program.



At Ecotone, we go beyond park construction. Our training programs and apprenticeships have empowered over a hundred individuals and counting. This commitment reflects our dedication to mentoring the next generation of skilled professionals, offering a direct pathway to workforce participation. We believe in creating not just structures, but sustainable futures.







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