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Team Members

Delbert Warner - Captain of Team Gator Bait


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8 supporters

Kristen Lawson - Captain of Team Gorge Lutherans


10 supporters

Josiah Sohal - Captain of Team Just Insane


5 supporters

Sarah Pickette - Captain of Team Psalm 30


5 supporters



8 supporters

Susan Herzog Wade - Captain of Team The Horizon Way


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6 supporters

Cindy Brunk - Captain of Team Crazy


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Laurie Rogers - Captain of Team Hood River Alliance


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Hope Medical Clinic

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some of the walkers last year

Second Annual - Walk For Hope - Saturday Oct. 2nd

Hope Medical Clinic is a new name in The Gorge - but we've been around since 1986 under the name Columbia Gorge Pregnancy Resource Centers. Head on over to our supporter website and our client website to learn more about us.

You can walk one mile, 21 miles, or any distance in between. You can also walk anywhere in the world! Feel free to join a team, start your own, or simply do it solo. Each walker gets their own page on the fundraising website. It's an easy way to share your involvement and to encourage others to join in the fun.

2021 Teams:

Team Crazy - Will be walking from the clinic in Hood River, to the clinic in The Dalles for a total of 21 miles. Captain is Cindy Brunk

Team Psalm 30 - Is joining Team Crazy for the 21 mile jaunt through some beautiful country. Captain is Sarah Pickette

Trail Blazers - Walking 8 miles from the Hood River Clinic to Mosier. Captain is Marta Von Borstel 

The Dalles Riverfront Trail - walk 3 miles at The Dalles Waterfront.

Mosier Tunnels - walk just over 4 miles on the Twin Tunnel Trails – Starting at the Hood River side

Last Mile- walk the last one mile leading up to the end of day celebration at The Dalles clinic.

 2021 Church Teams -

Gorge Lutherans - Starting at the west end of the Twin Tunnels trail at around 10:00. Captain is Kristen Lawson

Hood River Alliance - walk 2-3 miles at the Hood River Waterfront. Meet at 10:00.  Captain is Laurie Rogers

Everyone please join us at The Dalles Clinic (3206 W street) around 5:30 to welcome the tired and happy to be finished walkers. 

Adults collecting pledges for at least $100, will receive a really cool t-shirt to wear during the event. Youth 17 & under need $50 worth of pledges to get the T-shirt. 

                   Recap of last years Walk for Hope

Six walkers from three different teams met at Hope Medical last Saturday in The Dalles last Saturday. After being interviewed by our live stream wizard - Kirk Quinlivan, and prayed over by Zac Patterson, we set out just after 8 am for our 21 mile trek to the Hope Medical in Hood River. We started up over 7 mile hill around the time the in person event began at Faith Lutheran in The Dalles. The four “younger ones” left Deborah Tilden and I in the dust and waited for us at the Park in Mosier. We were joined by four more teams and then headed east over the Twin Tunnel Trail.

The last of us arrived tired but satisfied in Hood River just after 5:30 pm. Kirk was live streaming the entire day and had the chance to interview several of us. You can find all the recordings here on this page or Friends Of Hope Medical Clinic.

It was now time to determine who’s head was to be shaved. It all came down to the wire with Cindy’s hair being spared. But alas, both Delbert Warner and Cindy had committed that if any single donor gave $10,ooo - that both heads would be shaved. Guess what happened?! Thank you Wayne & Marta von Borstel of Von Borstel & Associates for supporting Walk For Hope so generously. Video here.

We had 45 walkers in six different locations bring in $28,792 from 111 supporters of which 70% had not heard about us yet! Wow and praise God!

Churches - Bridge Church, Alas de A’Guila, Bethany Lutheran, Concordia Lutheran, and Faith Lutheran.

Youth Organizations - Horizon Christian School Service Club.

  • Kayla walked the full 21 miles!
  • Travis walked the full 21 miles and raised $150!
  • Amber walked 8 miles, pulled in five sponsors which resulted in $410, and wins the “most caring” title for being so concerned about Cindy losing her hair!

We are truly grateful for Horizon Christian School pouring into their students, making it possible for them to put their faith in action by supporting life. Thank you to the students for spending the day with us. We were truly blessed.

Team Statistics

Top five teams (Save&Shave the Gray excluded)

  • Team W - $3080
  • Team Half Krazy - $2325
  • Team Ridge Walkers - $1425
  • Team SMART - $1065
  • Team Alas de A’guila - $525


  • Team location (farthest away) - Walkin for Babes walked on the Oregon Coast
  • Family Affair (most family members involved) - Lambert Family Fun had 7 family involved.
  • Largest Team - Half Krazy with 9 members
  • Sacrifice - Kris Bakken Mooney who prayed for us, hosted an event, raised $625, and really should go to the doctor to get her knee checked after walking over 8 miles.
  • Jaw Dropper - we have a tie this year between Paul Pickette & Josiah. Paul Pickette missed the news about where we were meeting, yet he didn’t let that stop him. Instead, he walked from The Dalles to Hood River along Hwy 84 while wearing a “protect unborn life” t-shirt. He brought in $500 in support as well. Wow! Josiah Sohal, the sole member of team Run the Walk ran from Hood River to Mosier and then back for a total of 16 miles. Wow!

Mark your calendar for Walk For Hope 2021 - Saturday October 2nd. We will send out more information in the spring. In the meantime, please contact me (Cindy) if you would like to be part of our planning team.

Send photos so we can add them to our album.

Kirk was live streaming the entire day and had the chance to interview several of us. You can find all the recordings here on this page or Friends Of Hope Medical Clinic. It’s awesome to learn the “why” behind each persons involvement.

In closing - Words can not describe how thankful we are to all of you! Thank you - each and every one of you for your support as every bit added together to create a truly memorable day.



135 supporters

$60,000 goal

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