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When you donate to Success Centers, you foster equity and reduce the impact of systemic racism by helping people pursue their education, obtain employment, and discover their expressive potential. 

Operating in San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, and Sonoma counties, Success Centers annually serves more than 3,500 marginalized members of the community, mostly young people ages 16 to 24. More than 95 percent are low-income and nearly 90 percent are people of color, with the majority being African American and Latin. Many must overcome community violence, disrupted bonding due to multiple childhood losses and placements, undiagnosed disabilities, severe trauma, and more. Some are incarcerated or returning from incarceration. Roughly one in three are foster youth.

While our programs are grounded in employment, education, and the arts, we must meet the individual day-to-day needs of our participants to enable them to access and get the most out of our programs: meals, transportation, referrals for housing and health services, clothing, supplies, and more.

Those who cross our threshold are making a conscious effort to change. We help them make changes that improve their lives and communities even as we demand change from within the system. And as long as inequality persists, we won’t stop.

Many institutions have failed our participants.  We are the last house on the block. With your help, we will always be here. 

Explore what we do by visiting www.successcenters.org or scanning the QR code.


Questions? Contact Mark Hernandez, Director of Philanthropy, at [email protected] or 415-653-9596.



Share Fundraiser

Success Centers

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