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November 8, 2021- After speaking at length to my OB, we will proceed with genetic testing. The $4,000 additional price tag is what gave pause to this decision. After everything that has been invested, she has advised us to proceed in a way that will avoid additional challenges down the road. The test will look for specific genetic diseases and when the time comes, we will proceed with the most viable embryo. Continuing to believe God will make a way out of now way. 

November 2021-I will attempt another fertility cycle. This is round 2! In the last attempt, there were no eggs on my left side produced. In addition, my progesterone levels were low. Dr. Chin felt like we could do better. For the sake of my mental health, I did not attempt another cycle immediately. I don't know how women do back-to-back cycles repeatedly. They are my heroes! Dr. Chin considered all the information and data from the last cycle and made adjustments for cycle 2. Yesterday I dropped (it's the best word to describe it) $8,446. Today, I'm grateful for my faith and for having good credit.

September 15, 2021-I received my pathology results. All lymph nodes were negative! All margins were negative! Cancer free!

Surgery is scheduled for September 2, 2021 at 8:45 at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

July 20, 2021-The visit to Baltimore (Johns Hopkins hospital) went very well.The surgeon is going to present my case to the “tumor board” Friday and we will go from there. It’s either the cone (we’ve been previously discussing or the trachelectomy) my cancer lesion is REALLY small. She educated us and was really speaking my language. Please continue to pray for God’s guidance as we continue to give Him all the praise! Thank you again for the prayers, love, and support. Continually grateful !

🙏🏽 💕

July 8,  2021- My first IVF cycle has been canceled. I’m OK, actually I’m MORE THAN OK! The man upstairs says he can do better than 2 eggs. My progesterone levels were high in this last bloodwork collection, so my fertility team will be reviewing all my labs and making the necessary changes to my meds, and vitamins. Apparently I’m even eligible for a “failed cycle” discount. We’ll take it!  No seriously, whatever the number, I know God will provide. Tentatively scheduled to start my next cycle the week of the 26th. I'm celebrating this cycle, NOT mourning! Continued prayers for my strength.


June 30, 2021- I started the fertility portion of my journey this week with a full heart and gratitude to so many. Whether you have been contributing with monetary gifts, prayers, or a kind word ~ I thank you and appreciate your love and support! Although this is just the beginning, I feel blessed to be a part of a village that truly exemplifies ~ loving one another. Thank you again for your continued love and support. I’m forever grateful!

🙏🏽 💕

Update June 25, 2021- Tuesday I will begin the next phase of this journey which is fertility. This fertility preservation is uncovered by my insurance plan but is necessary before my surgery. I will be traveling to Baltimore July 19th to meet with a potential surgeon. Thank you for continuing to be a part of my village. 

Post from Princess on Friday, 4.30.2021

I would like to share with you the recent journey God has set me out on. In December of 2020, I attended my annual checkup that resulted in additional testing and procedures. On March 5, 2021, I received a diagnosis of cervical cancer. On March 10th my mother and I began our stay at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, Illinois for additional testing and treatment. My amazing team of doctors are working diligently to secure the best course of action for my treatment. What we do know is that early detection is in my favor. I am grateful for an early stage diagnosis, a strong faith (over fear), my village, and the opportunity to make this a teachable moment.

With that, I want to encourage each of you to be your own medical advocate and to not take your annual appointments lightly. I feel so blessed to overcome what was intended to be an obstacle. I love you and I promise to do what Warriors do. Go! Fight! Win!

Hi everyone!

Thanks for clicking the link. This page is made and managed by Alicia Gilbert and Nikia Washington on behalf of the loved ones and supporters of Princess Crenshaw. This is a rallying space to share resources, prayers, and good vibes for Princess as she runs this race.

How you can tap in:

  1. Share this link. We can do more with you. Please share the link with at least one person.
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  3. Give what you can. We’ll be fundraising for a while, and you can always give more than once (you can do a monthly gift until we reach our goal!). Our goal is to raise $40,000 - break down below! *If you'd like to give other things outside of cash (i.e. airline miles/points, etc.) please contact Nikia directly at [email protected]*  
    1. Note: When you make your gift it will say this is going to 'Nikia' - Nikia is the manager of the account, but all funds will go DIRECTLY to Princess. 
    2. Note: If you are able, please click the box to cover the processing fees. That means Princess will get 100% of your donation, and you will pay the processing fees on top of your donation. 
  4. Remind your friends to get their checkups and be their own medical advocates.

The funds raised here will support*:

  1. Five years of out-of-pocket medical and associated expenses. (approx. $30,000) This is a modest and estimated quote of the cost for medical procedures, medicine, travel and lodging to care facilities, etc. over the next five years. In addition to cancer care procedures, Princess is also exploring fertility treatment. Long-term (10 years +) reproductive health treatment will be required. 
  2. Seed funding for awareness mini-campaign (approx. $2,500). Princess wants to use her testimony as a platform to encourage women, especially young Black women, to know what’s going on with our bodies. Seed funding will support merchandise production. Shout out to our designer, Tyrone, for lending his talent!
  3. Self-care & Wellness expenses for Princess (approx. $7,500). There’s nothing really more to say about this bucket than let’s make it rain on Princess! If you’re here it’s probably because you or someone you know has been impacted by Princess' presence in your life. She’s the type of person who makes sure those around her are seen, heard, and supported. We want to pour the same love back. As Black women, showing up for ourselves can often be pushed to the corners of our priority list. 

*Expenses are all estimates and funds will be non-discretionarily go to Princess. 

This journey is just beginning. We're so thankful for the gift of community and Princess' willingness to bring us along on this road with her. We will keep you posted and thank you so much for all of your support!

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