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2021 is a big year for many of us. We hope to put the worst of the pandemic in the rearview -- and rebuild, reconnect and renew all that has been paused over the last year. 

For me, the West Essex YMCA is part of my reconnection plan — which is why I will am donating 5% of the profits from my leadership coaching and career coaching business (https://staceystaaterman.com/) to the West Essex YMCA's annual campaign fund.

Helping others renew, pivot, and thrive is central to my business mission and my passion — and through this donation, I will be able to extend my impact in new ways and support those in need right here in my local community. What could be better than that? 

Why the Y? 

It's simple.
The Y has always been there for me and my family.  My husband and I moved to West Orange before having our daughter, but quickly realized we needed a better support system once Erin was born. 

Erin (1 ) at Peanut Shell Childcare Center (2009)


We didn't have family close by to pitch in for childcare and we had to plan for commutes to NYC.  The Y became a critical partner for us — first for daycare, then summer camp, then activities like swimming and skiing. We've made great friends and connections through the Y over the last 13+ years.  The Y is forever impacting! 

Erin (12) heading off to Pioneer Trails Day Camp (2019)


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700 supporters

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