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Give Wings to Ukrainian Defenders!

Our goal is to give Ukrainian Defenders drones that can help them see their surroundings from bird's-eye view. They need these "birdies" to understand better the tactical situation at the front lines. To help - please click "Donate for Wings!"

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Why defenders need drones?

Knowing where exactly the invaders are can help make the defense effort more efficient, and plan how to retake the invaded territory in a more accurate way.  Drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), let Ukrainian defenders see their surroundings from bird's-eye view, so to understand better the tactical situation at the front lines. Give Ukrainian defenders the bird's-eye view of their surroundings by clicking "Donate for Wings!"


What kind of drones are needed?

There is a broad range of 'birdies' that are used at the front lines in Ukraine, from $300 'hummingbirds', through most common $3,000 'falcons', through $300,000 'eagles', to the rarest $3,000,000 'condors', each with their own important purpose. Click "Donate for Wings!" to get our defenders a birdie they need!

The ongoing phase of the project is aimed to purchase the drone DJI Matrice 300 RTK equipped with a high-resolution combined optical and thermal camera Zenmuse H20T. It is best-in-class commercial drone from the manufacturing leader DJI, that takes inspiration from modern aviation systems. The $12,000 drone has been already been selected and purchased, and is in delivery and testing process in Ukraine. The $13,000 combined optical and thermal camera, as well as a spare set of batteries ($1000) are still in the process of fundraising for.


The previous phase of this grassroots campaign was aimed to help raise funds for a portion of a special drone called "Leleka" (White Stork). Leleka-100 is a fully automatic UAV system suitable for common military, industrial, and commercial tasks. The main advantage of this system is advanced inertial navigation, which allows operating in a harsh and GPS-denied environment.  The majority of the money for Leleka is being raised in parallel through a media campaign in Ukraine. By the way, white stork is a national bird of Ukraine, so it's quite symbolic :) 


Who will receive the drones?

The first few drones will be provided to Ukrainian defenders in the 95th Brigade, one of the most capable units in the Ukrainian military that is particularly famous for the Great Raid of 2014. The 95th brigade currently operates in Donetsk region of Donbas, currently the hottest war zone in the East of Ukraine. The drone will be picked up at the safe location and taken to the front line in Eastern Ukraine by Yuri Kochevenko, an officer of the 95th Brigade. We’ve already worked with Yurii to supply the 95th Brigade with emergency first aid kits, lightweight bulletproof vests, and advanced optical devices. Please see this special personal address by Yurii (also below on this page) explaining the importance of this drone project. Click “Donate for Wings!" to help the 95th brigade get their birdie!


Why we fundraise for drones?

The standard set of equipment, like a uniform and a rifle, that Ukrainian defenders get when they are deployed to the front lines,  allows them to perform their basic functions. Recent help from the West is also equipping them with very advanced systems. However, there is a gap in between - supporting equipment like bulletproof vests, medical kits, range finders, and drones that are mostly provided by volunteers like us. Would you please help filling this gap by clicking “Donate for Wings!” ?

How will drones get to Ukraine?

The real birds fly long distances by themselves, but drone "birdies" need some help :) The first drone of this project, "Leleka", is manufactured in Ukraine, and will be purchased there. The second drone DJI Matrice 300 RTK and other commercial drones are purchased in Europe, then driven by volunteers across the border to Ukraine (including proper customs clearance procedures), and delivered to a safe pick up point in Eastern Ukraine. Click “Donate for Wings!” to support this special project.

Why should you contribute to THIS fundraiser?

Sunflower Seeds Ukraine is an all-volunteer organization that responds flexibly and efficiently to the most urgent needs in the hottest war zones in Ukraine. We stay agile due to our small size, multinational team, and direct on-site contacts that we developed in 2014-2015 and adopted to the new realities in 2022. Working with small grassroots organizations like us, is one of the most direct methods to help Ukrainian defenders, which is much more impactful than donating to big organizations with equally large logistical bottlenecks. Give now by clicking the “Donate for Wings!” button above.

Next steps:

Please click “Donate for Wings!” button to support this cause with any debit or credit card, GooglePay, or PayPal, and track the progress of this fundraiser on this web page. This page will also show your name and your contribution, or you can choose to donate anonymously. Once you complete your donation, you will be prompted to share this campaign on social media—please consider doing so and adding a personal note for your friends.

More information:

The mission of Sunflower Seeds Ukraine is to save lives by providing medical aid and protective gear to small groups of defenders, and humanitarian assistance to affected civilians. For frequent updates about our efforts to save lives in Ukraine with individual first aid kits, personal protective equipment, body armor, optical devices, please like our Facebook page and follow our Instagram account, and now Twitter!

Thank you for giving Ukrainian Defenders the wings they need to continue resisting the invasion!

Sunflower Seeds Ukraine

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150 Supporters

86% of $10,000 goal

Sunflower Seeds Ukraine