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Help Animals Survive the War in Ukraine, 501(c)(3 )

Benefitting animal shelters of Dnipro and beyond. 100% of funds go directly to the shelters.


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Organized by Marina Bayeva


583 Supporters

98% of $55,000 goal


Dear Animal Lovers,

Before moving to the United States, I grew up in Dnipro, Ukraine. My parents still live there. We could never imagine that ruthless aggression and devastation will so quickly become our new reality.

Now, alongside humans, there are thousands of animals in Dnipro trying to survive the war. Some of them already lived in shelters, and many more arrived when owners could not bring their furry friends to safety with them. And while the world raised millions of dollars for military and humanitarian causes, animal shelters in Ukraine are receiving little financial support, struggling to buy food, supplies, medications, and pay veterinary bills.

With the help of my parents and their friends in Ukraine (who are devoted animal activists), I built relationships with several animal shelters in Dnipro, personally speaking with each shelter’s attendant to ascertain their integrity and dedication. Now, I am asking you to give as much or as little as you can to help the animals of Dnipro and beyond survive the war!

I remain in close contact with each shelter and will send the funds directly to them based on the animals’ immediate needs. Each dollar you donate will help to save a life. And together we will win!

With gratitude,

Marina Bayeva ([email protected])

***If you would like your donation to go to a specific shelter, please add a comment or message me directly***

Homeless Little One shelter with resident 70 dogs and 3 cats, also caring for local stray and abandoned animals (updated April 2023)

Kovcheg (The Ark) with 193 dogs and 89 cats ; rescuing individual animals & entire shelters from heavily shelled Eastern Ukraine (updated April 2023)

Ray of Hope with 58 cats, 37 dogs; accepting rescued animals (updated April 2023)

Sotnitskoe Animal Shelter with 168 dogs, 72 cats, 5 horses, 29 sheep and 1 goat named Frosia; accepting rescued animals (updated April 2023)

Urgent Animal Help - Dnipro: animal shelter “Little Tails” with 32 dogs and 60 cats and animal shelter “Little Noses” with 34 dogs and 36 cats, accepting rescued animals (updated April 2023)

Ms. Olena Anisimova: organizes pet food and supply deliveries to heavily-shelled cities and "home shelters"

Shelters supported in the past:

We Stand for the Right to Live with 99 cats and 15 dogs, accepting rescued animals and providing complex medical care

Equine Court with 4 horses, 6 ponies, 2 sheep, 8 bunnies, 3 dogs, a momma cat with kittens, as well as turkeys, geese and chickens

Shelter of Iryna Dobrolyubova, a no-kill shelter for cats

*Animal counts are approximate and always in flux; last updated in April 2023


Share Fundraiser


583 Supporters

98% of $55,000 goal

Marina Bayeva

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

EIN 92-2453967