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In short, The Wunderfund is money for {creative} people, specifically those Colorado-based graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and other creatives impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Wunderfund was dreamt up by the team at Wunder Werkz, a design studio in Denver, CO, who wanted to put their skills to use for good (for once) to help their fellow creatives who have lost work or jobs as a result of the pandemic. To do so they teamed up with their friends to design some versatile tees that will go with any facemask you own to raise funds for creatives in need. Whether it’s throwing them a few extra bucks for groceries, keeping their internet on, or paying for their Adobe subscription, we're helping to fund creatives so they can keep their creative juices flowing.

The Wunderfund is all volunteer-based, which means all proceeds from your purchase or donation will go straight back to our impacted community. Learn more at iheartwunderfund.com.


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