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As many of you know, I am on the board of Youth Continuum, an organization in New Haven that offers services to young people to address and prevent youth homelessness throughout Connecticut. More than 500 young people experience homelessness each year in New Haven. Right now, there are only 12 dedicated, youth crisis beds available. Now, more than ever, Youth Continuum and other organizations serving the homeless need our help. I hope you might consider supporting Youth Continuum during Giving Tuesday this year. Your impact will be doubled as our board has pledged to match what we raise up to $20,000. Please contact me if you have questions or require further information. Thank you very much!

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Youth Continuum

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We are doing more for young people in 2022. Together, we are keeping youth safe in emergencies and helping them find long-term housing and life success. 

This was an extraordinary year!
With your help, more than 150 young people experiencing homelessness found safety, stability, and a path to independence because of committed supporters like you. I hope you will help again this year.

We are responding to the challenges facing young people right now. Families are emotionally and financially stressed, and there are fewer safe places for young people who find themselves out of their homes. Did you know that more than 500 young people experience homelessness each year in New Haven?

With your help, we are providing a comprehensive continuum of services – from a crisis drop-in center to crisis shelter housing, to permanent housing - designed to help young people achieve stability. This approach ensures that young adults will find a path to independence and success. 

Thank you for being part of our family by supporting this “continuum” of care. We need you more than ever.



Paul Kosowsky

Chief Executive Officer



106 supporters

$65,000 goal

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