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SPOKE presents our 32ND Day Without Art/World AIDS Day Vigil.



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  • Create a Panel with a story of remembrace or a story to end stigma in our lives email your photo and story to [email protected]
  • Join us December 1, 2023 at  10:45 am at Boston City Hall for remarks, awards and a  processional to The BCA Cyclorama 539 Tremont Street
  • Join us for all or part of the World AIDS Day 12 hour Vigil at the BCA 
  • Make a prayerful artistic offering to mark one on the hours of the vigl contact Georgia Lyman [email protected]
  • Become a vendor in our exhibition Space contact Nigel Griffith [email protected]
  • Help with the installation on December 27 and 28 and the Strike on December 2 contact Richie Dinsmore [email protected]

Our work at SPOKE began 32  years ago to create a place where people gather to reflect and remember those lost to the AIDS pandemic. This mission remains just as urgent today as we face multiple pandemics of COVID-19, racism, and addiction, alongside the continuing scourge of HIV/AIDS, particularly among vulnerable populations. 

From the eartliest days art was used to help  end HIV/AIDS Related Stigma,  One of the most powerful examples is the Names Memorial Quilt .  In June of 1987, a small group of strangers gathered in a San Francisco storefront to document the lives they feared history would neglect. Their goal was to create a memorial for those who had died of AIDS, and to thereby help people understand the devastating impact of the disease. Help us bring 30 of the original 1,920 panels that represented the names of those lost.  Please let us know if you would like a specific panel. PANELS ARE $250 . Search the quilt here: https://www.aidsmemorial.org/interactive-aids-quilt#:~:text=We%20invite%20you%20to%20EXPLORE,names%20sewn%20into%20its%20panels.

If you are unable to sponsor a panel for the $250.00 please ocnsider making a donation in any amount to help us bring this enduring testimoney to Boston for Dec1. 

RE: Community Excellence Awards 1st Award – Community Bridge Builder Award

❖Recipient: Astrid Mora Astrid Mora stands as a symbol of unwavering commitment to the Latinx.a.e.o / Hispanic Community, skillfully transcending language barriers and forging bonds of unity. Her remarkable support, characterized by her ability to seamlessly bridge the communication gap from Spanish to English, exemplifies a selfless dedication to enhancing lives through diverse avenues of assistance.  2nd Award – Community Compassionate Advocate Award

❖Recipient: James Apt We recognize James Apt for his unwavering dedication that spans over two decades to uplift the homeless community, extend a compassionate hand to individuals bravely battling HIV/AIDS, and provide support to those wrestling with drug addiction. James’s tireless efforts have become a beacon of warmth, hope, and healing, illuminating the lives of countless individuals in need.      3rd Award – Community Innovative Healthcare Award

❖Recipient:Jennease Hyatt Jennease Hayatt is honored for her illustrious, 15-plus year career in a pivotal role at Gilead Sciences. Marked by pioneering contributions supporting the local community through outreach initiatives, collaboration with community health centers and organizations, implementing  Gilead ‘s cutting-edge treatments for HIV/ AIDS, she also promotes responsible and safe practices with PrEP and Pep.  Jennease champions community safety and healthcare with remarkable passion, making her contributions truly commendable at 15 Plus years working with the community and recently with GILEAD Sciences.

We are an artist founded and artist run organization. Supporting and collaborating with artists of all disciplines and maintaining the role of artists as facilitators in culture, is central to our work. We use  the power of making art to triage critical needs of the communities we serve that are confronting addiction, immigration, systemic racism, police youth relationships, stewardship of our natural world, HIV/AIDS and/or human trafficking. Our work is to seek focus, fairness, and balance. Our goal is to continue to use art and the act of creating together to define a brave new normal and shape a shared future history where each of us has a voice, where each of us is included, where each of us is listened to, where each of us is loved



Share Fundraiser


15 Supporters

16% of $20,000 goal


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