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Liza Johnson is a Valatie resident who has undergone Dialysis for the last 17 years.  She recently had a life-altering kidney transplant at Westchester Medical Center and is now home, but is required to travel with her husband to Valhalla two times each week for post-op appointments (for the next three months!).  This is a financially taxing trip that is over 100 miles each way, totaling over 400 miles a week!  During these visit days, her husband is unable to work and has already used all of his personal time off for previous medical visits and issues.   They have two children who live in the home with them.  Their son is 18 with special needs, and their daughter is 13.

All donations go directly to the Johnson Family to assist with their travel and gas expenses as well as easing the burden of daily life expenses such as groceries and utilities.    If you'd like to donate a gas card or grocery gift card, that would also be appreciated!

Thank you for reading, sharing, and your contributions.  No donation is too small, and every dollar helps!

A meal train has been set up at

Our Community Cares, Inc. was formed by a local group of concerned citizens who have stepped up to help those in need in the past. These have ranged from residents losing their homes to fire, illnesses, tragic accidents and financial hardships. The desire was to create a central organization that responded quickly and effectively to residents in need.

Our community has always come together and collectively responded when the need arose. Our Community Cares, Inc. wishes to continue this response but in a more structured and organized environment to provide a more measured and appropriate response when the need arises.



4 supporters

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EIN 46-1652259