Launch A Prison Church Campus!

We believe God belongs in prison. Help us make church happen behind bars!


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We partner with local churches, like yours, all across the U.S. that are passionate about reaching those behind bars. We plant satellite campuses in prison facilities with state of the art equipment so incarcerated men & women can experience church like anyone in the free world would.


Our vision is to partner with churches and ministries, to bring dynamic, high-quality worship experiences, recovery programs, family reunification, and pre- and post- release care into prisons all over the world!


Our vision is both transformational life-change for their present season and generational impact for their children and their children’s children. We desperately believe with every fiber of our being that if we interrupt the generational cycles of abuse and addiction with the power of the gospel, our world will change and generational incarceration will break.



7 Supporters

2% of $100,000 goal

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God Behind Bars