Pay it forward: give a meal and get a smile

People gets a free meal when needed and eatery remain opens safely


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My husband and I are two of the partners of Malka – a restaurant in Portland. We opened in mid January this year. When COVID hit many eateries, it also hit us. We had to close seating and rely on take out to sustain the business.

We are so grateful that the community supported Malka during this hardship. Not only many of them bought gift cards and ordered takeout, but also some started donating money to buy food for others in need. Malka ended up having 6-10 free food a day for few weeks during peak COVID time for people who needed it. 

It is heart breaking to see so many eateries close down during COVID. Some close down because they can't sustain the business, others closed down because they didn't feel they can open safely. So we decide to build Slurpalicious, an app that helps eateries to open safely for contactless online pickup order. It is free (no commission or subscription fee) for eateries. In addition, we think that the "pay it forward" program can go beyond Malka. Donation will be distributed to all eateries through "Slurpalicious". Not only people in need of food can find free food, but also we can help eateries to survive and open safely. The program is completely transparent to eateries. Slurpalicious automatically uses the eateries' pay-it-forward funds to pay for the free food orders. 

100% of your donation will go towards meals for people in need. Thank you for your support!



13 supporters

$1,000 goal

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