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My Friend, Doubt - The Movie

I am so happy to be producing the film version of My Friend, Doubt in March. Written and produced by moi, Raven Petretti-Stamper, starring Broadway stah, Jeanna Schweppe as Betty Ray Robinson and Snezhana Chernyavksaya as Doubt. I also shouldn't forget Executive Producer Josephine Fisher and Gina Giaquinto Gill as MUA/stylist, Leslie Styles as Director of Photography as well as Amelia Petretti on film credits, which means we've got tons of girl power. 75% of our film is staffed by women! We haven't forgotten about the boys. Grateful to be joined by Mark Riccadonna as director, Don Sill as Editor/Colorist. 

As you all know, it takes a village to help us lead successful lives, and to make art. This is a 10 person team and we're raising funds to compensate everyone for their time and talent and to cover location and food costs. There will be no low sugar levels on my sets and everyone will stay hydrated. :)

Every dollar whether it's $10, $15 or $1K helps us build a safe, fun and inspiring environment for our team. That environment will surely lead to a funny and inspiring short film that can be appreciated by all.

A little about the movie:
My Friend, Doubt is about Betty Ray Robinson, a somewhat famous writer who has been hiding out in the suburbs for 20 years. She seems confident about taking her time to create the follow-up to her best known novel, All The Way Home, but then Doubt shows up at her door. Doubt tries unsuccessfully to make her give in to her fears and Betty tries to change Doubt's ways and make her a beacon of light. Does Doubt persist or give in in during this whimsical tale?


To learn more about the production company behind the project, Strange Bird Productions, please visit https://www.strangebirdproductions.com.


Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your much appreciated support. 


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