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Organized by i-5 FREEDOM NETWORK

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NONE of this work is possible without YOU.

In the same way an acorn can grow into a mighty oak tree, and a single spark can ignite a powerful blaze, we make the most of every donation, amplifying its impact through every program action. Know that everything that we do is significant with the needs of beneficiaries in mind and an unwavering commitment to end human trafficking and exploitation.

YOU are the water for the acorn. YOU are the fan that stokes the blaze. YOU are the only reason we are here today. Because you care, we can.

We are moving into the new year with more commitment and more capacity than ever before, and we know 2023 is going to be even better. But only with your support.

We’ve already got big plans for 2023, do you want to get started with us now? Well, this is your invite to join us!

Donate to 2023!

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Campaign Ended


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