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5th grade yearbook

The Yearbook Team has been working hard to capture and curate memories for our 5th grade students to treasure in a book for years to come. We are using Treering for the first time as a service to build the yearbook. We are excited to share with you that this year, each family will have the opportunity to personalize 2 pages in their student's individual yearbook!  These personalized pages will be unique to each student and only visible in their individual yearbook. In these 2 pages, you may upload any pictures of your child/family that you would like, as well as messages from family to your child.  
We are recommending a suggested contribution of $25 to cover the cost of your student's yearbook. If you are able to donate more, to help cover the cost of a yearbook for another student, we would appreciate it. Our goal is to make the yearbook available to every student, regardless of any family's ability to pay and for every student to have 2 personalized pages.  In order to make this happen, we just learned that we will need to pay for the yearbooks in bulk ahead of time. This means that we are working with tight deadlines to collect funds needed to place an order, give parents enough time to customize, send off the yearbooks to publishing, and get them back in time for students to sign the last week of school. We would like to place our 5th grade bulk order as soon as possible so that we can give families as much time as possible to log on and personalize their 2 unique pages.
Our first step is to collect money: We are making a big push to collect money for the yearbook between now and Friday, March 29th
Next steps: place bulk order (goal is April 1st)  and open up customization of pages to all families (instructions for how to do this will be sent to families after the bulk order has been placed). All edits and customization of pages must be done by April 29th in order to send the yearbook to the publisher and receive the yearbooks in time for end of year. If we do not make the March 29th fundraising goal we will have to continue fundraising and this will reduce the time we give families to customize pages.  
Our apologies for the short timeline, but again, we just learned about this. 
Thank you for helping to make the yearbook amazing for our 5th graders!  


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