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Young Israel of San Diego

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The Young Israel of San Diego Community is only possible with your support!

For the first time in our Shul's 30-year history, we are running an online matching campaign to encourage greater participation from our members in the growth and development of our wonderful community. We are excited to announce...

All donations made during this campaign will be matched! Here's how you can get involved:

  1. Donate to YISD by clicking the "Donate Now" button above
  2. Join us on December 26th for our Super Tuesday Phone Call Fundraiser and Pizza Party at the Shul! (details below)
  3. If you can't make it... please share this campaign page with friends, family, and of course - on Facebook! 
  4. And, use our HashTag:      #ForeverYoungIsrael

Super Tuesday Phone and Pizza Night

Location: Young Israel of San Diego 7291 Navajo Rd San Diego, CA 92119 

 Date: Tuesday, December 26th, 2017 at 5:30 PM 

 BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) 

 Website: https://givebutter.com/yisdfundraiser

Please join us for a fun evening as we party with Pizza and: 

  •  Make phone calls to help Young Israel achieve its matching funds goal.
  • Award prizes to our top fundraisers
  • Enjoy being entertained by our President and our Board members as YISD enables its programs to continue for 2018.

About Young Israel of San Diego

YISD is a member of the Young Israel family of synagogues. We strive to provide our members and visitors with a meaningful and inspiring prayer and Torah learning  environment.

Located at 7289 Navajo Road in the beautiful east county community of San Carlos, Young Israel of San Diego welcomes Jews of all backgrounds and levels of observance.  

A Message From Rabbi Hollander

Our shul has been in existence since 1989.  We service the Del Cerro  and San Carlos Jewish communities.  We provide many with the  opportunity to fulfill their spiritual needs and to come closer to the  service of G-d whether it be through minyanim, classes or simply  being there when people need us.

 However, we must also look forward and reach out and touch the  lives of so many more people.  Rabbi Frand often points out that  Ya’akov, our forefather, saw a vision of the Angels climbing up and  down on a ladder.  Why did the vision include a ladder?  He  answered that a ladder wasn’t made to be stood on.  Either you go  up or go down on it, so too in Judaism.  We can never be satisfied  with our accomplishments and rest on our laurels.  We must  constantly strive to move forward.

- Rabbi Chaim Hollander

With special thanks to our very generous seed donors for making this possible: Renee Feinswog, Rob Hillman, David Seitel, Robert and Claire Sigal, anonymous


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Thanks for all you do for our Jewish community.

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In memory of Norman Wilks by Ruby Wilks

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In appreciation of all that you taught me.

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