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Yom Mosh

June 21, 1945 was the day Hashomer Hatzair USA found its home in Liberty, NY. From this day forward, June 21 will be the day we celebrate our beautiful moshava's birthday - our new Day of Giving!


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Yom Mosh

Yom Mosh is the day that the property in Liberty, NY was acquired by Hashomer Hatzair. Let's celebrate the day and our 100th anniversary by starting our next century strong. Hazak V'Ematz


On June 21, 1945, the property in Liberty, NY became Camp Shomria. We are making this our special day of giving. Please consider joining a team that is working toward taking on some projects that need attention. This campaign will take place through the 100 year reunion weekend, July 14th - 16th. 

Below we are listing some of our upcoming site projects and renovations - please choose what you feel most connected to and join the team fundraising for that project! 

Have other funding interests? Contact Randy Gorod, Development Manager at [email protected]

Yom Mosh 2023 Projects

Healey’s Garden Revitalisation - $1,000 (Fully funded!)

Includes labor and materials for repairing the raised garden bed and sign, prepping the bed for planting, and planting an array of pollinator-friendly native plants. Healey Gabison was a shomeret who left this world too soon in 2014.



Shia’s Pagoda Renovation - $2,500 (Fully funded!)

Includes labor and materials for rebuilding the pagoda roof and applying finishes. The floor was completed last summer. Shia Snyder was a shomeret who left us too soon in 1984, at the age of 18. 

Bunk Bed Construction - $2,500

Includes labor and materials for furnishing two tzrifim each with a set of wooden bunk beds.



Driveway Repaving - $8,200

Includes labor and materials for repaving the driveway at the entrance to mosh and creating a new sign.

Mosh Forest Rehabilitation (Ash Tree Project) - $20,000

Includes the purchase and planting of at least a dozen mature trees and tens of 2-3 gallon trees in central areas of the moshava that have been heavily impacted by the invasive emerald ash borer infestation. Also includes tree stump removal where necessary in order to plant new trees.



Cheder Ochel Floor Refinishing  - $15,000

Includes materials and labor for refinishing the wooden floors of the Cheder Ochel. Jimbalaya! Jim!

Sherutim (Bathroom) Renovation - $20,000

Includes materials and labor for resurfacing the sherutim (bathroom) floors and walls, installing new stalls where needed, and repairing sinks.


The Josh Project - $2,000 or guitars and equipment donations (Fully funded!)

This is our friend and kvutza-mate, Josh Goren. Josh played the guitar, led Shira at Mosh, sang in makhela and harmonized with friends every chance he got. He grew up on folk music and union songs, playing and singing with his dad from the time he could hold a guitar. Oh, he was also the sweetest, kindest, most generous, loving friend you can imagine.

Josh died in October 1993, when he was only 27 years old.

We think the greatest commemoration of Josh at Mosh would be to collect guitars and musical equipment (and/or donations to buy said materials) and create The Josh Project. A program where each summer, alumni and hadracha would teach guitar to chanichimot, madrichimot, and anyone else who wants to learn! The goal of this program would be to help support a new generation of guitarists and musicians who love playing, singing and leading shira at Mosh – and to commemorate Josh’s love of music and the moshava.

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Share Fundraiser

Campaign Ended


200 Supporters

85% of $71,200 goal

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