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Hi, My Name is Solly Mervis, and I am a Junior at Cathedral High School. I am looking to support YOPHI's campaign against anti-semitism. Any donation for our cause would be greatly appreciated and helpful in order to fight this growing issue.

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2021 - 2022 Grantmaking Focus

The 2021-2022 YoPhI Teen Board has identified Combatting Antisemitism & Hate as their focus areas to support through their grantmaking. The group's mission statement is as follows:

The 2021-22 cohort of the YoPhI Teen Board will support programs that combat rising antisemitism and hate. The Teen Board is requesting proposals that help to combat antisemitism with a focus on proposals that a) support youth and teens and/or b) build resilient communities and support positive mental health for those affected.

YoPhI - Doing Good Through Philanthropy

The Lou & Sybil Mervis Youth Philanthropy Indy (YoPhI) Teen Board is comprised of Jewish 11th and 12th graders from the greater Indianapolis area working as a philanthropic board focused on learning and making grants through a values-grounded, authentic, consensus-building process. YoPhI (Hebrew slang for "excellent" or "good job") is focused on engaging Jewish youth in "Doing Good" through philanthropic giving and service-learning based on Jewish values and community connection. During their year-long experience, Teen Board members engage in an in-depth examination of their Jewish values and understandings while raising funds to make grants in order to explore philanthropy and group process.

The YoPhI Teen Board is proud to be a part of the the Honeycomb Foundation Board Incubator Cohort 4. The YoPhI program seeks to build the next generation of Jewish philanthropists and leaders in greater Indianapolis. More information on the YoPhI Teen Board can be found HERE.


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