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On Friday, Nov. 20th, 2020 my nephew, Zachary Abblitt, suffered from a fracture to his C5 and C6 vertebra while surfing with his friend on the Oregon Coast in Brookings.  He was gently pulled from the surf by his friend Daniel, transported to the local hospital via ambulance, and by that evening was flown to Mercy Medical Center in Redding, CA where he is today.  

Zac had no feeling below his neck and was in surgery the day he arrived in Redding to remove part of the two vertebrae that were pinching his spinal column.  Doctors also put a plug/fastener in it's place to stabilize.  The following day he underwent surgery again to have a stabilizing plate put in the back of his neck.  

Here's a link to a 2 minute video showing Zac's story:

The biggest request the family will make is that you pray diligently and boldly for Zac's FULL recovery.  We know that this request is not beyond the capabilities of Zac's creator God!

The next thing that my sister and her family might not ask for but I will is that you make a contribution here to help out with the enormous financial burden that will be hitting the family very soon.  At this point Zac is looking at a long road to recovery which he will fight as hard as he can but it's not cheap.  

Please pray hard, dig deep, and help where you can.  Every penny will go directly to Zac's cause.  If you prefer, you can send a check to their church and indicate it is for Zac's recovery efforts:

Calvary Heritage

PO Box 3026 

Brookings, OR 97415

Please visit us on Facebook to follow Zac's progress:

Help spread Zac's story by purchasing a Tshirt or Wristband here!

Thank you so much for your prayers and contributions.  #zacsHope is Jesus!!

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210 supporters

$50,000 goal

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