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Zoom Latino is a Latino women-owned news and media company created in 2016 by Silvana Quiroz, an award-winning journalist that has worked in Telemundo and Univision and has more than 20 years of experience, with the desire to inform and educate the Latino community that lives in the United States of America. We cover the local and national news in the Washington, Maryland, and Virginia area for our website and social media platforms. 

In 2017 Zoom Latino produced the television show "Silvana Quiroz Presenta" for which we have been awarded one Emmy Award in 2018 for Production and Host under the Magazine Program-Program Special category, for a program about the local community sending help to the victims of  Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico during Christmas time. In 2019 Zoom Latino received 2 Emmy Awad for Technical Director and Production and Host under the category Health Science - Program Special for a show about cancer awareness and the impact of access to health for Latinas in the area. 

As a news and media company, our mission is to keep a community informed with responsibility and eloquence making sure that we honor the journalistic basic principles. Every product that we create is subject to fact-checking, production quality, and objectivity, in order to give the best information our audience deserves. 

Zoom Latino exists thanks to the paid advertising on our digital platforms and for the audiovisual content such as the shows we produce. Unfortunately, in the past year, we have been impacted by the pandemic, and we had to stop the production of some of our content that generated 60% of our income. Behind us, there is a team of journalists and technical production that lost their remuneration. We need to start production again and incorporate the new projects such as our Zoom Latino Podcast, our daily news on Facebook, and Youtube, our "En la Comunidad" digital show, and our daily coverage of the news. 

Today more than ever the community needs to be aware of what is happening. Latinos are disproportionately affected by this pandemic amid worsening historical inequities. This is the reason why the information we can provide can be crucial and a matter of life and death.  Help us to keep working for our community, information is crucial during this time and you can brace our mission with your donation. 

Support journalism today!

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$500 will help us create our Podcast

$1,000 will help us create a Special Program 

Thank you for making a difference. We know we can count on you!

The Zoom Latino team

Ps. If you have any inquires please contact [email protected]

"An informed community is a community that thrives".- Silvana Quiroz 

"Una comunidad informada, es una comunidad que avanza".- Silvana Quiroz 



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