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Since 1998, Kristin Brooks Hope Center has been a champion in launching life-saving suicide prevention programs. After building 1-800-SUICIDE, the first-ever network of crisis centers in the US, and helping millions of callers connect to help and hope, KBHC tackled the next big challenge by launching the first online crisis center,, where volunteers from around the world could get trained in crisis intervention and answer online chats from people looking for support online. 

Since the launch of in 2011, IMAlive Volunteers from over 40 different countries took a 10-hour crisis intervention training course and over 30 hours of additional training to be able to support people considering suicide. IMALIVE Volunteers are answering pleas for help, every day, from all corners of the world.

People struggling with suicidal thoughts often suffer in silence. When you feel like you are a burden to your friends and family, hopelessness sets in and makes it almost impossible to reach out for help.

After 10 years of providing crisis intervention support online, IMALIVE still remains the only free and confidential crisis chat available worldwide to anyone who is experiencing thoughts of suicide. 

Even if you have never needed to use our chat, every day our volunteers talk to people who have no other place to turn to. It could be your friend, your family member, your neighbor, a student sitting in class next to you, or someone you've never met. Please make a donation today and help us save lives from suicide.


We know that the pandemic affected some families more than others. Please give what you can today. 

Whether you are sponsoring 7 crisis chats with $7 or you are able to support 1 full day of crisis chatline operations, we are grateful for your support. And as always, your donation is tax-deductible.


Meet some of IMALIVE 2021 graduates! Our volunteers donate 16+ hours every week to talk to help seekers thinking of ending their lives. Since the beginning of 2021, 95 volunteers from the US, Canada, Australia, the Czech Republic, Greece, and Mexico have taken the HEART training and went on to answer real live chats from people in crisis. 




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28 supporters

$2,022 goal

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