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The kids we work with at Crossing Cambodia are street children and need more help than a typical sponsorship may provide. Thankfully we can do a lot with just a little bit of money.

For only $100 a month we are able to feed a child, enroll them in school, provide caring adults who supply ongoing support for them, and share the love of God with them and their families.

If you would be so generous as to help us by sponsoring a child we would be incredibly blessed and grateful.

A full sponsorship is $100 per month. If you can't afford that you can opt to be a half or partial sponsor and help us. We will provide you with the profile of a child in our program whom you can pray for and will facilitate sending letters between you and your sponsored child.

Your support means a lot to a child on the other side of the world who just needs to know how much they are loved!

Sponsor a Child


26 Supporters

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