Today! Dec 5 at 2 pm - TRIVIA

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Trivia & More: A December 5th Fun Fundraiser @ 2 PM

Live Stream

This event will be livestreamed on our Givebutter page:

Please feel free to attend the first part of this event. If you do not want to stay for Trivia let us know ahead of time so we can let Underdog Sports know how many trivia players to expect.



Check your email for zoom link and instructions for the event. 

Let's have some fun & celebrate!

Looking forward to coming together to celebrate all we've accomplished this year and to update you on our goals for next year. Donations are not required, especially if you've already given to us this year. We want this to be a fun trivia event that you can bring your family, coworkers and neighbors to that might be new to learning about Share The Cities Action Fund. 

This event will start with a couple of VIP guest speakers and quick updates from our working group leads about their incredible accomplishments in 2021. 

THEN! We will break up into teams and Underdog Trivia will host fantastic and fun trivia. 



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  • You help us compensate our staff's time to mobilize community on legislative priorities for housing justice, public broadband and increasing civic engagement.
  • You support our grant writers, accounting team, & bring in support for disability and racial justice consulting. 
  • Your donation, at any level, will demonstrate broad community support. It is not tax deductible. 

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Right now one time donations of $250 and monthly donors over $10 per month are matched up to the first $5K raised, thanks to an anonymous donor. Your support helps us mobilize hundreds of people to take action, speak directly to their electeds, and advocate for more equitable communities.

Thank you for making this year so special.





Guest Speakers

Liz Vogeli
She was elected to Everett City Council in 2018. She is the Liaison to the Transportation and Access which includes Everett Transit and Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety. She attends the Transportation Advisory Committee. She is the City Council Representative on the Alliance for Housing Affordability and Snohomish County Tomorrow. Liz met Share The Cities' founder Laura some years ago during a Seattle 350 Action to hold Chase Bank accountable for funding pipelines.

Andrew Grant Houston
Ace is a steering committee member for both Share The Cities Community Education & Action Fund organizations. He is an architect and urban designer who is passionate about changing the way people live in cities and is focused on creating places where individuals thrive together and culture is celebrated. A mixed-race and queer individual, his appreciation of culture also expands to his interests: he loves eating all types of cuisine, enjoys foreign music and films, and speaks four languages. You can usually find him around Seattle listening to new music, coming up with a new design idea, or trying a new restaurant. Ace also ran on a fantastic social justice urbanist platform for Mayor in 2021 and his ideas were enthusiastically championed by many!



LINK TO JOIN THE EVENT WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU -- if you don't receive it email [email protected] with the subject TRIVIA LINK. 


Before you start your first game, a few notes:

1) You'll need to have the Zoom application on your computer or phone. You can download it from or the app store on your phone.

2) If you are playing with someone else in your physical proximity, we recommend either using 2 separate rooms or using the same device due to audio feedback issues.

3) Please log in 15 minutes before your game is about to begin at:
2:00pm Pacific
You may be placed in a waiting room to wait on your game moderator.

ENTER YOUR GAME using the link emailed to you! 

4) The game questions and round by round scoreboard will be in the link emailed to you.

5) Have an image ready to can upload a background in case you don't want someone staring at your messy kitchen.

6) If you want a quick overview for what you're getting yourself can watch the video below:

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28 supporters

$5,000 goal

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