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We were not expecting to be in the US for as long as we have been. Covid-19 has changed our plans in ways we didn't expect and because things are so unpredictable in Cambodia we're staying in the US while we consider God's plan for our family. During this time we need to be able to send our children to school and cover the basic costs of living.

However, living in the US is going to cost more than living in Cambodia and we ask that you would pray for God to provide for us and enable us to meet our needs. I will be doing as much as I am able to visit churches and increase the overall fundraising for Crossing Cambodia, but learning to live within an American budget is going to be a challenge as we've been living in Cambodia for so long. While we have chosesn to stay in Concordia because the cost of living is much lower, things like food and insurance are significantly more than what we normally expect living in Cambodia. We anticipateĀ that we may need up to an additional $2000 per month for my salary to be able to manage livingĀ in the US. Below are some of the expenses we anticipate and we ask that you would please pray over our family and these needs.

$1500/month for rent, utilities, and household expenses
$1000/month for groceries
$850/month for medical insurance for a family of 5
$250/month for education expenses

If you would like to help us please prayerfully consider supporting us through Crossing Cambodia.

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EIN 46-2939025