A Hopeful Heart: 2020 Sustainability Campaign

The Daniel Webster Preservation Trust


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2020 Sustainability Campaign

At this time, Daniel Webster’s lovely home continues to be closed to the public. All of our 2020 events have been canceled. We remain hopeful for April 2021.


A Hopeful Heart

“Many people when they come down here, wonder what in the world could have induced Mr. Webster to come to Marshfield.  I answer, partly good sense, but more good fortune.  I had no particular fancy for rich lands, but I had for a kind neighborhood…”   Daniel Webster, 1852

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A letter from the Daniel Webster Preservation Trust

Dear Members and Friends,

Daniel Webster clearly stated how much he treasured the town of

Marshfield and his many kind friends and neighbors.  Some things never

change and during this time of quarantine, we at the

Daniel Webster Estate have missed seeing you, our valued friends and neighbors.

As your lives and activities have been restricted due to the corona

virus, so have the many activities of the Estate.  At this time, Daniel

Webster’s lovely home continues to be closed to the public.

 Nevertheless, we face our usual expenses for general upkeep and

necessary restoration.

We have been forced to cancel the many events planned for the 2020

season, such as our seasonal teas, educational tours, Family Fun Day,

and private rentals.  Sadly, this includes the eagerly anticipated

Christmas Designer Show House in December.  The Show House not only

kicks off the holiday season, but it is the singularly most successful

event at the mansion.  Besides impacting our immediate ability to

maintain the Estate, our future sustainability depends on the interest

and support generated from our many “first time” visitors.  You can

easily see how this is a serious loss to our  financial resources and,

at the same time, threatens the future of this important Marshfield


The members of the Board of Directors, the dedicated volunteers and

docents, and the Town of Marshfield respectfully request your continued

support of this historic landmark.  Won’t you please take a few minutes

and choose the contribution level you are able to donate?  An envelope

is included for your convenience.

Again, we miss you and we are looking forward to seeing you all in 2021.  In the meantime, please take care and be well.

With warmest regards,

Carol Kiburis, President

Members of the Board, The Daniel Webster Preservation Trust

Campaign Ended


8 Supporters

1% of $40,000 goal

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