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Rebuilding, Rebranding, and Relaunching


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As we all know, these past few years have been challenging for everyone, and Mentoring Mentors is no exception. However, that has not let this discourage us, and we are currently in a rebuilding, re-branding, and re-launching phase.

Mentoring Mentors is taking all our experience over the past few years to deepen and improve our process and programs; this is where we need your support.

Our Mission is to develop the next generation of community LEADERS.  

Mentoring Mentors have three focus areas:

  1. Exposure
  2. Personal, Social, and Emotional Development
  3. Leadership Development

Youth participate in 1 of 4 programs:

  • MMI School Base Program is a 7-month, three-times weekly school-based program designed for youth ages 11 or in 6th grade to help develop essential personal and social-emotional development skills with a focus on VR entrepreneurship and metaverse learning.
  • MMI Community Base After School Program is a 7-month, three times weekly community-based after-school program designed to be conducted in a community-based setting, such as a local college, to guide and support youth ages 12 through 18 or grades 7th-12th.
  • MMI Leaders Summer Program is a 6-week program where youth develop the skills and knowledge they need to pursue their desired career paths. Through experiential learning and mentorship, youth gain the confidence and abilities to succeed in their chosen fields. The program is exploratory and tailored to the specific interests of each participant, ensuring that they receive the most relevant and valuable experience.
  • MMI Visionaries Spring Break College Tour is a week-long trip to provide high school youth with a firsthand look at college life and early college exposure.

Students like Trey benefit from our programs, and it's essential to continue supporting them.

"Initially, I could have never seen myself putting Morehouse College in my top 3 schools. I hated that Morehouse was an all-boy school, but that was me judging it before I gave it a chance. My mind quickly changed after finally getting there and seeing everything that makes Morehouse, Morehouse. The first thing that caught my attention was our tour guides. They were super informational and had an answer to literally every question that everyone asked. Also, something else that caught my attention was that they offer so many opportunities for students to expand their connections and explore the world. The last thing that caught my attention about Morehouse is that so much excellence from black men has attended there, and they are perfect examples that we are not statistics and can beat the odds. That said, Morehouse landed in my 3rd spot because the tour opened my eyes to more of what I need rather than what I want, and Morehouse would be a good place for me to grow." - Trayvien Reynolds ℅ 2025

Please consider becoming a monthly donor of $25-$100  to support Mentoring Mentors' work. Your contribution will directly impact students' lives and help them achieve their goals. Together, we can make a difference in our community and support the next generation of leaders.



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