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General Support for Operation Exfil

Hello, Friends!
Thanks for all the support and help for some great functions this year. We always aim to he good stewards of what everyone gives us, but with everything increasing in price, so have our needs. We were slated to have just enough funds to finish the year...but alas...its not happening.
We're flat out asking for your help so we don't have to cancel the any of the last 3 events of the year. Anything over our needs helps to secure events for next year!

Our needs are outlined below. Consider how you can help. Sharing our needs will help spread the word and is also helpful!

Swag: $1000. We need new hats and shirts to finish year.

Sept event: $2500 left to fully fund. 40 people at encampment for the weekend. Food, lodging & gas cards included.

Oct: CandleLight Camping Weekend #2 $800. Weekend for up to 40 (we are at 30 at the moment)

Nov: zoo snooze for 35. $2000 left to fully fund

Our events typically average around $3000. That sounds steep, but when you break it down...thats under $100 per person for some really awesome events!

I'm happy to chat through any questions if you have any!

Here is the link to our general fund. EVERY dollar helps!! We appreciate you helping our heroes find solace! These are some amazing times for the families we get to hang out with. We're blessed to be able to be present and enjoy!


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