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This is the ONLY official fundraising site launched by the friends and family of Kyle Mullen.

At 24 years old, Kyle had just completed his first phase of U.S. Navy SEAL training and was beyond excited for all the things he believed lay in wait for his future. As a star athlete, natural born leader and someone those around him viewed as unstoppable, no one ever expected that Kyle's short life would end Friday, February 4, 2022.

While we do not have all the tragic details that led up to, during and immediately following his death, the only fact that matters is Kyle is gone forever. His mother, Regina, and brother, TJ, cannot even begin to comprehend what it means to go on without him. Kyle was loving, joyous and had a light so bright that he cast no shadows.

So many people have reached out and have asked what they can do. First and foremost, the greatest gift you can give is your love and memories. The Mullen family will be forever grateful if you can share any photos, videos or stories you have of Kyle. We have created an email address that you can send them to: [email protected]

This donation link is being posted as a way to financially assist Kyle's family with expenses they will incur settling his affairs and making his end of life arrangements. If you have ever lost someone tragically and abruptly, you understand that it is hard to even get out of bed, let alone worry about what it will cost to give your loved one a final goodbye and fulfill as many last wishes as you can. We feel that this is currently the best way to help Kyle's family. Any excess funds will be put towards charities Kyle supported, scholarships and any future non-profit ventures that may arise in Kyle's name.

An enormous thank you to all who extend your kindness and generosity by contributing to our email request and/or monetarily. For those who cannot, we appreciate the time you have taken to read about Kyle and ask that you share this link with others. Kyle was an amazing person and the one thing we do know is that he would want a village to surround his family and lift them up while they come to terms with his passing and the loss they will feel for as long as they live.



687 Supporters

80% of $75,000 goal

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