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vhatI13M4s582v1gMnsU8ic3797lvDxOnTKc4sXh.png Earnings Outlook:

MHS: $3,527  |  WHS: $2,063  |  SHS: $1,267  |  Brink JH: $144  |  Central JH: $47  |  Highland East: $198  |  Highland West JH: $66  |  Southridge JH: $279  |  Apple Creek: $44 | Briarwood: $294 | Broadmoore: $138 | Bryant: $20  |  Central Elem: $57  |   Fairview: $69  |  Fisher: $47  |  Earlywine Elem: $542  |  Eastlake Elem: $154  |  Heritage Trails: $72  |  Kelley: $25  |  Oakridge $607 | Plaza Towers: $47 | Red Oak: $44 | Santa Fe: $62 | Sky Ranch: $25  |  Sooner: $25  |  Southgate Elem: $25  |  South Lake: $288  |  Timber Creek: $25  |  Wayland Bonds: $410  |  Winding Creek: $22  |  ASC: $235  | VISTA: $10

WHAT IS MOORE LOVE? Moore Love is our district’s annual philanthropic initiative, officially held in February, where our MPS community unites as one fundraising powerhouse to help fight hunger, heal hurts, and provide funding for solutions.

This is the 5th year of an organized Moore Love funding drive, and we are excited to help our selected nonprofit organizations. Last year all of our schools, with the help of our phenomenal community, raised more than $200,000! Please know, any amount that you, your business, or your organization can give is greatly appreciated and will be put to work right away.

The selected recipients for Moore Love 2022 funding are:

Regional Food Bank: MPS works with the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank, Backpacks for Kids Program, to provide food in backpacks for approximately 700 MPS elementary students without enough food at home to sustain them over the weekend. We have food pantries at many junior highs and high schools for our older students.

The Sharing Tree: The Sharing Tree is a nonprofit that serves families in need by providing a no-cost, dignified shopping experience. Their facility is stocked with clothing, household items, and necessities. Many of their patrons are MPS families.

Moore Public Schools Foundation & The Bridges Project: Bridges, Inc. is a non-profit organization with a mission of empowering students in family crisis or who live alone to succeed. Staff work to remove barriers to high school graduation including help with food, clothing, shelter, and medical needs. They offer students counseling in life skills and advocates help them finish high school and move into the next phase of adulthood with the support of mentors and resources. The MPS Foundation has a mission of enhancing academic excellence, supporting the MPS district, and encouraging community and business involvement with MPS, including with financial support. Through this new partnership, the MPS Foundation will build a capital framework to ultimately build a site in the MPS district where Bridges can implement their program with MPS students who find themselves in need of safety, security, and the support necessary to graduate.

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