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Fundraiser to help the Oblates of St. Augustine buy a monastery!


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The Augustinians are in need of a home!

Thanks be to God, we have reached our original goal, but a generous benefactor has offered to MATCH the amount ABOVE our original goal!! Anything you donate will be DOUBLED!!


Each week, there has been a raffle prize for those who have donated at least $10 for each of the 10 weeks of the fundraising campaign. You only need to donate $10 per week to be entered into the new raffle so that, by the end of the 10 weeks of the campaign, you have donated $100 total. Thus the name $10 for 10! 

We are on Week 7, so the entry requirement is minimum $70.

On any given week where 1,000+ people enter the raffle, the prizes will be QUADRUPLED! Meaning, your chance of winning the prize for that week will go from 1/999 to about 1/250, so all the more reason to invite as many people as possible to donate!

Winning does NOT disqualify you from winning again.

✅ Week 1: May 7 - May 13

Prize: The Catechism Explained by Spirago ($45 value)

✅ Week 2: May 14 - May 20

Prize: Three Classic Catholic movies ($50 value)

✅ Week 3: May 21 - May 27

Prize: Three Classic Catholic movies ($50 value)

  Week 4: May 28 - June 3

Prize: Byzantine Icons imported from Greece ($80 value)

✅ Week 5: June 4 - June 10

Prize: Moral Theology Vol. I & II by St. Alphonsus Liguori ($70 value)

✅ Week 6: June 11 - June 17

Prize: Byzantine Icons imported from Greece ($80 value)

👉Week 7: June 18 - June 24

Prize: 3-vol. Mariology Set edited by Fr. Juniper Carol, OFM & The Mariology of  Cardinal Newman by Francis Friedel ($95 value)

Week 8: June 25 - July 

Prize: CDs of Gregorian Chant for various Liturgical seasons by the traditional Benedictine Nuns of Mary, Queen of Apostles ($100 value)

Week 9: July 2 - July 8

Prize: The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary and side-by-side Latin/English Vulgate Bible ($130 value)

Week 10: July 9 - July 15

FINAL PRIZE: Side-by-Side Latin/English 1962 Roman Breviary from Baronius Press ($380 value)

About the Oblates of St. Augustine
The Oblates of St. Augustine is a monastic community of Catholic men who live together sharing the same intentional purpose of growing in one mind and heart in God.

To do this, the Oblates of St. Augustine resort to the same means that have sanctified the vast majority of the Church’s saints: The Traditional Latin Mass, the Traditional Divine Office (Roman Breviary), the Holy Rule of St. Augustine, and the traditional formulations of the Catholic religion.

This traditional Augustinian monastery is only possible thanks to our generous benefactors who are aware of the gift that the traditional Religious Life is to the Church, as well as the graces consecrated souls merit for their families by their prayers and sacrifices.

May Our Lady of Consolation, our holy father St. Augustine, and our holy mother St. Monica intercede on your behalf for your generous support.



1.3k supporters

$150,000 goal

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