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After 11 years of facing brain cancer, and relapsing twice, Kate knows those facing the diagnosis need various forms of support. As part of her own healing, and for the 12th year, she is raising financial support to reach out to various families that have a child recently diagnosed, relapsed, or are on hospice as a result of brain cancer.

This year support will come in the form of gift cards, a holiday food basket, and Christmas gifts for each family. We will be working solely with a social worker this year to provide us with families who would greatly benefit from your love and assistance. 

You can make an online donation on this site through A Lot of Good. All ONLINE donations made here are tax deductible and will go directly to Kate's Christmas drive. For more information on mailing in gift cards, or assisting in food or gift donations please visit www.prayforkate.com or caring bridge.org/mcraekate for more info. For questions, we would love to hear from you at [email protected] 

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The Raising Hope Project was designed to give individuals and families in crisis an opportunity to reach out to their friends, family and social circle using peer-to-peer fundraising platform without any cost to the beneficiary.  In addition, families may be eligible for additional funding from A Lot of Good in the form of a matching grant. 

This site was created to be a way for individuals and families in crisis to help themselves by using peer-to-peer fundraising over the internet.  There are no costs or charges to the family for processing, hosting, etc.  It is paid for by supporters and A Lot of Good.

We hope that you will support the A Lot of Good Raising Hope Project with a financial gift to the the RH Fund or to one or more of the families needing funding to deal with their current situation.



154 supporters

$10,000 goal

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