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After nearly ten years of producing award winning and critically acclaimed theatre across the Vegas Valley, Poor Richard's Players finally have a permanent home at The Playhouse (528 S Decatur Blvd.). The Playhouse is a 5,000 square foot, black box venue with a fully modular stage, seating for 100+ patrons, tech booth, dressing rooms, scene shop, and administrative office. Having already produced one five-star, "Valley Recommended" production (LIZZIE The Musical) at this new venue, the Players are excited to bring you a complete 2020 season, full of equally engaging and exciting productions. Those productions include:

MY FIRST TIME by Ken Davenport – February

STONE IN HIS POCKETS by Marie Jones – March

ORPHANS by Lyle Kessler – May

HAMLET by William Shakespeare – June

C.U.L.T. MEETING by Maxim Lardent – July

A Fall Musical (TBD) – September

DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE by Jeffrey Hatcher – October

Additionally, The Playhouse is eager to welcome other local theatre troupes to tell their stories within. Already on the books is The LAB LV with their production of DANCE NATION by Clare Barron in February, an all new and original production of THE TIME MACHINE: The Musical in April, and THE PROLETARIAT by local playwright Ernest Hemmings in November.

And finally, filling out the schedule are audience favorites and ongoing series such as SHOELACES IN PARIS and BROADWAY NERDS, as well as great annual events like the VEGAS IMPROV FESTIVAL in April.

Additional info about Poor Richard’s Players

A 501(c)3, Non-Profit - Founded in 2011 by Benjamin Loewy, Maxim Lardent and Lysander Abadia; Poor Richard's Players have been producing award-winning theatre all over the Vegas valley. They have been recognized as "Best of Las Vegas" by the Las Vegas Review Journal, The Las Vegas Weekly, and City Life Magazine. Despite their recent success with large scale musicals and their critically acclaimed dramatic productions, PRP is probably best known for their unique brand of comedic works. Their commendations include ten Valley Theatre Awards (including two "Best Production" awards) and six "Best of Fringe" awards at the Las Vegas Fringe Festival. They continue to push the boundaries of local theatre; not only as a source of entertainment but also as a catalyst for open communication about the way we think and feel, love and hate, laugh and cry. #ChallengeEachOther


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I figured you would need a little help considering the pandemic. I can't wait to see you return! Here's to not letting theatre die in this town!

Lewayne McQueen Jr. made a donation

1 month ago


I hope poor Richards and happy hour survive the pandemic to push forward even greater art, I’ve personally seen the amazing progress over the years and it should keep going.

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I love all of you and the work that you do!

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Happy Birthday Mikey!

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Mikey! Happy to support my fellow theatre folks! Best, Kathryn (from WeWork Seattle)

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