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Donate now to meet our goal of $12,000 for Black Church Food Security Network


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This event will be livestreamed on our Givebutter page: https://givebutter.com/blackfoodsovereignty

Raising funds and awareness in our Black Food Sovereignty campaign. We are extending our deadline to Friday, September 24th at 4:00pm. Read our story below, and join us!


Our online Fundraising and Awareness Campaign for Black Food Sovereignty is live now.   

This campaign is a collaboration between Black Church Food Security Network (BCFSN) and three Baltimore based, woman-powered businesses; Grateful Pizza, Jinji Chocolate and HEX Ferments. We want our community to know about BCFSN's mission and vision. As a non-profit, BCFSN is leading our national movement to advance Black-led food sovereignty (see video above).

The Black Church Food Security Network utilizes an asset-based approach in organizing and linking the vast resources of historically African American congregations in rural and urban communities to advance food and land sovereignty. Their goal is to co-create Black-led community-based food systems anchored by Black churches in partnership with Black farmers.

By donating, you are supporting BCFSN’s mission to connect black-owned farms, empowering them with a network of primarily black congregations across the east coast to enrich their communities and businesses. 

In his interview with Bon Appetit, Rev Brown shares why he and why we care about Black Church's Food Security Network. He said, “the land is not the source of our trauma. In fact, it can be a source of power if we organize those assets and resources together.


How you can help!


  • Grateful Pizza: includes one Bake-at-home pizza – basil and mozzarella (basil from BCFSN harvest)
  • HEX Ferments: One jar Sauerkraut (15oz) & Spirit Berry kombucha (25.4oz) (Strawberry based kombucha, strawberries from BCFSN harvest)
  • Jinji Chocolate: One Liquid Dark Chocolate & Two Signature Date Poppers

Handcrafted Pizza Dinner Kits need to be ordered by Sept. 22, 2021 for Pick-up on Sept 25th, 2021: 7:30am - 11:30am at the 32ND STREET FARMERS MARKET at the Community Booth.

Other ways to help!

  • Donate $75 + $20 to receive both Handcrafted Pizza Dinner Kit and Freedom Tote
  • Donate $20 and receive a BCFSN Freedom tote, pick-up at the 32nd Street farmers market on Sept. 25th, 2021
  • Give a donation in any amount to BCFSN
  • Share this campaign! We want more people to know the historical issues, and the action that BCFSN is taking to make change locally, nationally and beyond.

100% of ALL proceeds go directly to benefit BCFSN



Share Fundraiser


35 Supporters

29% of $12,000 goal

Black Food Sovereignty