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Machik Community Drive 2023



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2 months 4 weeks remaining

Organized by Machik

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Campaign goal : $30,000  Check on live display to see the progress.

Machik is a people-powered nonprofit dedicated to a brighter, stronger future for Tibet. For over two decades, Machik has supported grassroots Tibetan communities, changemakers, social innovators and creative visionaries in Tibet while building global platforms that bridge communities across borders and boundaries and that strengthen Tibetan communities everywhere. 

Since 1998, Machik has been thinking out-of-the-box, taking risks and innovating to find new ways to strengthen Tibetan communities and foster empowerment under truly difficult circumstances. It's been 25 years of commitment to building a stronger future for Tibet!

We are at a turning point now.

Since the beginning, we have received no funding from governments, etc. To keep going, we need the Machik global community to help ensure our shared mission and work can continue.

So this year, we are kicking off our first annual Machik Global Community Drive -- a people-powered fundraiser for Machik to continue as an organization. Our goal is to raise $30,000.  Here is how you can participate: 

  1. Give today by clicking Donate at the top right of this page. 
  2. Bid on a variety of items in the Machik Global Auction here or click Auction at the top of this page. 
  3. Create your own fundraising campaign by joining as a Team Member here and inviting your community to donate.


We were moved to start this annual global community drive by the global citizen-organizers of Machik Canada who created online auction for Machik since the pandemic lockdowns. This year's Machik Global Auction continues the momentum! From 9-30 September, checkout the many auction items up for bid and find an amazing space of friendships, kindness and hope for all our communities. 

Gratitude to everyone in this collective global community effort to support the work of Machik!

For more information, please contact [email protected] or visit www.machik.org




Share Fundraiser

2 months 4 weeks remaining


A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

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