Japan Tour Spring 2023 - the Sashiko we love,

In last 5 years, I have received so many encouragement for me to go back. Finally, I can go back to Japan to share the Sashiko we practice.

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There are several reasons that I haven’t been back to Japan for almost 10 years… Well, one of the reasons was a financial challenge in a process of being an immigrant. Before 2019, it was too much burden for me & my family. In 2020, I had a hope to arrange one trip with my  friends, yet canceled due to the Pandemic. Then again, due to the Pandemic, we went into a difficult time.

In those times, I have received so much heartwarming encouragement saying it is very important for me to go back to Japan, and they would support me when I plan to do so. On this Japan Trip, thanks to my family & many friends, I do not have to be worrying about the finance that much (although I have to be smart on budgeting)… Frankly speaking, there is no need to ask for financial support from someone I haven’t met yet… but I also learned that those who had offered me a support (donation) are the friends who want to be a part of this Japan Tour although they are not actually on the Tour.

To be honest, I do not know if this is a good idea to put out, but I decided to make this page to accept [Support/Donation] for me to be in Japan again. The support I receive will be used to purchase/experience something in Japan, for me. Yes, for "me" to share it with "you".

Everyone who contributed to this fundraising (minimum of $5.00 to be fair with anyone on Patreon) will receive a designated website link where I share photos, movies & stories about this Japan Tour. If you are a supporter on Patreon, you will be able to find this link on the Patreon Platform later on in April.

Also, I plan to send a special postcard from Japan for those who contributed $20.00 or more as a [Thank you] memento. Those on the Patreon support for more than a year (or in the annual plan) can receive the post card when they notify me their shipping address (please check the post on Patreon in March/April).

[Additional Note]

I have asked if I plan to organize another Japan Tour in Future. Yes, I would like to. For those who offer some support here, I will send the details about future Sashiko Trip before I announce it on SNS (I will send emails when I make a post on Patreon). I appreciate your interest!

Lastly, I am wishing to offer an “Auction” for something I purchase in Japan. It is my dream to purchase something from the Sashiko Masters, Sashiko Artisans, and Rising Sashiko Artisans whom I will meet in this tour. 

I hope this page will be a portal page where I can share the Japan Trip 2023 - and you being a part of it by following the details.

*I will share some photos & stories on other platforms such as Instagram - but not everything. All the photos goes to the special website I am planning.

*A Postcard will be sent from Japan. After making the contribution, please send me an address to mail the card. (The last day to do so will be April 22nd as I will need to prepare coming back to the US).

Thank you.

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