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Raising Funds to Fight Hunger and Food Insecurity


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Bid & Butter Charity Auction

Friday from 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM EDT

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Join us as we spread some butter and share Food For All! 🍎 Every year, our Food For All Auction gets even more legen-dairy. Your donation provides an opportunity to make a butter world for all. Whether you’re sharing our campaign on social media, setting up a fundraising page, or donating, YOU are churning out change across the globe.

A toast to you! Kneadless to say, we are so grateful to you for supporting our campaign. To show our appreciation, we will give a warm, buttery toast to every fundraiser!

Together, we will make bake an impact. If you aren’t able to set up a fundraising page, share our campaign on social media to get the word out and follow us on all socials at @butterworld! Thank you for spreading the butter–let’s have some pun along the way!


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