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The Edwin Chiloba Memorial Project


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Welcome to the first project to be funded through Rainbow Advocacy's newly created
Troy Perry Legacy Grants, being awarded to Kampala, Uganda-based Coloured Voices Media Foundation for "Tailoring Our Way to Freedom." 

Your support will fund Phase One of this project, with a total budget of $3,000.  

PROJECT NOTE: The goal set is $5,000.  Co-Founder Steven Kabuye was recently receiving death threats and was attacked with injuries to his diaphram.  His computer was sold to help pay his hospital bill.  The balance was paid by Rainbow Advocacy.   $2,000 helps cover the hospital bill and hopefully a computer for him.

Future ongoing funding will come, in part, through the Roar Social Foundation with Rainbow Advocacy's partnership with Roar Social, the new social media platform launching in January 2024.  

Roar Fund

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"Tailoring Our Way To Freedom"
aims to empower and provide sustainable livelihoods for LGBTQIA+ individuals in Uganda who have been adversely affected by the Anti Homosexuality Act 2023. 

To address the challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ community, we have initiated a campaign to teach clothing production skills using electric sewing machines, aiming to train and provide job opportunities for over 60 individuals.

With a focus on producing high-quality, affordable clothing, our project seeks to generate income and promote social acceptance within local and international markets.  By building a strong sense of unity, professionalism, and confidence, we envision a future where LGBTQIA+ individuals are valued members of society.

Liberation Designs

The goal of this project includes creation of two lines of Liberation Designs clothing:
1. BASICS: Boxer Briefs for the general consumer market in Uganda
2. EDWIN CHILOBA COLLECTION: Fashions inspired by the designs of Edwin Chiloba for sale both domestically and internationally 

Our comprehensive plan involves identifying and training participants, purchasing necessary materials, implementing quality control measures, and marketing the products through various channels. 

The estimated budget for phase one of the project amounts to $3,000, covering costs for sewing machines, materials, trainers' fees, and marketing expenses. We plan to raise funds through donations, grants, and revenue generated from the sale of clothing.

The impact of our project will be measured through the number of participants acquiring tailoring skills, their generated income, customer feedback, and changes in public perception towards LGBTQIA+ individuals.

"Tailoring Our Way To Freedom" represents a crucial step towards not just reducing unemployment, but also fostering mental well-being and solidarity within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Logo Coloured Voices Media Foundation A project of Coloured Voices Media Foundation, Kampala, Uganda

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Roar Social logo In 2024, you can follow and watch the project's development on Roar Social.

We dedicate this project to slain Kenyan Fashion Designer / Model / Activist Edwin Chiloba.

Dedicated to Edwin Chiloba

VIEW: Trbute to Edwin Chiloba with musical artists Julian King and Niccolo Cosme
Liberation Designs Auction - November
Liberation Designs Auction opening in November! 
View designs and bid on premiere products!  REGISTER TO BID

Steven Kabuye 
Thank you!

We are incredibly grateful for your willingness to invest in our mission of empowering this marginalized LGBTQIA+ community. Your consideration and support mean the world to us.

We understand the importance of transparency and open communication in building successful collaborations. Therefore, we warmly invite you to contact us for any additional information or to explore potential partnerships. We are here to provide you with all the necessary details and answer any questions you may have.

Together, through strategic collaboration, we can create a more inclusive and equitable world. Your contributions, whether financial support or strategic partnerships, will make a significant difference in our efforts to amplify diverse narratives and empower underrepresented communities.

Once again, we express our deepest gratitude for your consideration and support. We hope to have the opportunity to work together and make a lasting impact on the lives of those we aim to serve.

Please feel free to reach out to us at [[email protected]] at your convenience. Thank you again for your valuable support.

Warm regards,
Steven Kabuye
Co-Executive Director
Coloured Voices Media Foundation


The Anti Homosexuality Act 2023 has left dire consequences on the LGBTQIA+ Ugandans with many jobless and homeless. 

PBS Steven Kabuye
WATCH Coloured Voices Co-Founder Steven Kabuye on PBS NewsHour

According to the HRAPF Uganda report from 1st to 31st July 2023, 84 cases were handled across the legal aid network, with 53 0f these containing actions that specifically targeted people for negative treatment on the basis of their sexuality, affecting a total of 67 persons.

Of the 53 cases, 26 were cases of evictions from homes, villages and rented properties affecting 33; 21 were cases of actual/ threatened violence affecting 24 persons; and 6 were cases of arrests affecting 10 persons who are all LGBTQIA+.

Through our emails and phone calls direct we’ve so far received more 86 victims of evictions, job displacements and violence threats. This number is just increasing every day.

Our vision is for a safe and secure world where humanity and diversity for prosperity takes center.

Our objectives include:

  • To inspire a sense of humanity, compassion, leadership and belongingnes among the LGBTQIA+ youth in Uganda.
  • To enhance mental, emotional and physical health of the less advantaged LGBTIA+ youth in Uganda through tailoring skills.
  • To inspire the growth of a strong unified movement of LGBTIA+ youth with a high sense of self-esteem, professionalism, confidence, productivity and dignity.

Our Core Values include:
Transparency, Innovation, Inclusion, Self-love, Compassion, Generosity, Equity, Confidence

Through thorough research and experience, at Coloured Voices, we discovered skills, equipment and productivity is the only solution, not spoon feeding. 

Through this project we are aiming to skill more than 30 LGBTQIA+ Ugandans and also create jobs for more than 60 of them. We are going to teach them how to make clothing using electric sewing machines and also sell them, thus hitting two birds with one stone. One is skilled with how to make a garment and then earns through selling it. Thus, creating jobs and also empowering the LGBTQIA+ Ugandans.

How about we tailor our way to freedom?

The specific goals and expected outcomes of the project include:

  • To provide LGBTQIA+ Ugandans with tailoring skills and equipment that can help them generate income and sustain themselves.
  • To produce high-quality and affordable clothing that can meet the demand of the local and international market.
  •  To create awareness and acceptance of LGBTQIA+ Ugandans as productive and valuable members of society.

The steps and activities that will be involved in implementing the project include: 

  • Identifying and recruiting LGBTQIA+ Ugandans who have tailoring skills or are willing to learn them.
  • Purchasing and distributing electric sewing machines and other materials needed for clothing production.
  • Providing training and mentoring to the participants on how to use the sewing machines, design patterns, measure sizes, etc.
  • Establishing a quality control system to ensure that the clothing meets the standards and specifications of the customers.
  • Marketing and selling the clothing through online platforms, local shops, or partnerships with other organizations.


    The detailed breakdown of the estimated costs and expenses of the project, include:
  •  The cost of buying electric sewing machines and other materials (e.g., fabric, thread, needles, scissors, etc.)
  • 2 Singer 20U Electric Sewing Machines Full Set -2,000,000/=UGX($530) each
  • Fabric, Pins, Zippers, Chalk, Buttons, Threads, Lastic, needles, scissors –5,000,000/= UGX ($1,400) Totaling to 7,000,000/=UGX($1,940)
  • The cost of training and mentoring the participants (e.g., trainers’ fees, transportation, etc.)
  • 3 Trainers will cost –1,000,000/=($270) each totaling to 3,000,000/=($810)
  • The cost of marketing and selling the clothing (e.g., website development, advertising, packaging, shipping, etc.)

  • The following will be the sources of funding for the project:
  • Donations from individuals or groups who support your cause
  • Grants from foundations or organizations that fund LGBTQIA+ initiatives
  • Revenue from selling the clothing


    This is how we will measure the impact and effectiveness of the cloth producing project:
  • The number of LGBTQI+ Ugandans who participate in the project and acquire tailoring skills
  • The amount of income generated by the participants from selling their clothing
  • The feedback from the customers who buy the clothing
  • The changes in attitudes and perceptions of LGBTQIA+ Ugandans among the public

  • The main points of the project why it is important and feasible.
  • Phase One will cost less than $3,000
  • Phase One is to benefit more than 30 LGBTQIA+ Ugandans
  • The project skills and empowers LGBTQIA+ Ugandans instead of spoon feeding them
  • Project is going to decrease unemployment among the LGBTQIA+ Ugandans
  • Project is going to help in strengthening the mental health of LGBTQIA+ Ugandans
  • Project is going to bring togetherness to the LGBTQIA+ Ugandans
  • Project is going to raise revenue to fund the Organisation projects by Phase Two

In conclusion, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the potential donors and partners of Coloured Voices Media Foundation for considering our organization as a recipient of your support and collaboration.

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Join our Tailoring to Freedom Team!  


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19 Supporters

44% of $5,000 goal

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