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💚 Who are we?

Breathe Mongolia is an international team working to reclaim the right to breathe clean air in Mongolia. We’re a registered non-profit in Mongolia and the United States with a mission to arm people with the resources to fight air pollution. How do we do it?

1. We educate citizens about air pollution daily, its causes, and adaptation and mitigation strategies.

2. We build communities of professionals and allies to fight air pollution.

3. We monitor air quality, policies, and decisions to foster dialogue among the public, accountability from our decision-makers, and awareness in Mongolia and worldwide.

Why do we do it? Clean air is a fundamental human right, and we want to contribute to a clean, sustainable, and prosperous Mongolia.

The problem

Mongolia consistently ranks as one of the most polluted countries in the world, ranking as the 4th most polluted by IQAir in 2020. Our capital city, Ulaanbaatar, regularly hits the list of the most polluted cities in the world. Ulaanbaatar is ranked 3rd at the time of writing this.


What are the costs of air pollution?

  • 1 in 10 deaths in Ulaanbaatar was attributable to air pollution in 2010 (source)
  • 42% of all stroke deaths in UB in 2014 were attributable to pollution (source)
  • The average worker loses 875,000 tugriks per year as a result of illness caused by air pollution (source)
  • A baby’s first breath of air is filled with 600 micrograms per cubic meter of PM2.5—24 times the acceptable level (source)

📌 What did we do in 2022 to fight air pollution?

  • Conducted workshops on air pollution and ways to take action against it for over 100 university students, school children, teachers, and other community members
  • Supported household transition away from coal by subsidizing Cooking, Heating and Insulation Product (CHIP) packages for 25 households in Ulaanbaatar’s ger district in partnership with People In Need and UNICEF Mongolia
  • Kickstarted a project to monitor the indoor air quality and related impacts of CHIP packages
  • Built a strategic partnership with Public Lab Mongolia to hire a sensor manager to better maintain and broaden the reach of air quality monitoring in Mongolia
  • Collaborated with Green Dot to make air pollution and climate change education more accessible through quiz challenges on TomYo that had 2’230 participants
  • (Upcoming this month!) Release of our brand new website with an improved air pollution monitoring map and more engaging content!
  • All in addition to expanding our community, educational, social media and article content, and welcoming new volunteers and talent into our team!

🎯 What will we achieve with YOUR support in 2023?

  • Build and foster Mongolia's air quality sensor network in partnership with Public Lab Mongolia (PLM) to improve the air pollution monitoring system. This is crucial because our weapon is data to understand air pollution trends, the impacts of policies and initiatives, and hold our decision-makers accountable.
  • Analyze historical and current air pollution data and trends and communicate to the public and stakeholders to demand better from our decision-makers
  • Release a comprehensive report with our findings from the CHIP impact assessment project with indoor air quality analysis and insights from surveys conducted with households
  • Hold monthly workshops with ger district residents, schools, and community workers to increase action-driven education and awareness.
  • Begin developing the "Learn More" platform on our website, which will comprehensively cover air pollution science, sources, and health impacts to complement our Take Action platform.
  • Build more strategic partnerships with civil society and international organizations concerned with air pollution, the climate crisis, and environmental and social justice in Mongolia

Your contribution makes a difference

We breathe the same air. Let’s stand together to protect our sky and our health. Thank you for your support! Share our campaign!

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If you're in Mongolia, you can donate to us here:
Худалдаа Хөгжлийн Банк / Trade and Development Bank
Mongolian bank account: 413038514
Mongolian name: Агаарын Харуул НҮТББ
English name: Breathe Mongolia - Clean Air Coalition Inc

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5 Supporters

2% of $5,000 goal

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