Walk the Walk - A World Premiere

Invertigo Dance Theatre’s multidisciplinary dance theatre performance premiering September 22 & 23, 2023


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Invest in trans lives, bodies, and voices!

On September 22 & 23, 2023, Invertigo Dance Theatre will premiere its newest multidisciplinary dance theatre performance: Walk the Walk.

Fusing choreography, spoken word, and vibrant media into a form-bending collage, Walk the Walk brings gender-expanding stories front and center to celebrate the many ways trans, nonbinary, gender-nonconforming and intersex communities walk through the world.

Walk the Walk is created by us and for us. For our communities and for our allies. For the disruptive innovation of trans creation.

Sing. Shout. Strut. Walk the Walk.

We are raising $16,000 to match a generous grant received from the California Arts Council. All proceeds directly support our artists with fair wages and a fabulous venue to create and fully embody our stories.


We are in a time. A trans time. As an umbrella community, trans and nonbinary people are receiving wider attention in society and mass media. And a violent cyclone of hate has followed.

But we are not a trans trend. We are not a target to be used and discarded.

We are creators. We are culture makers. We are human beings.

In 2023 alone, more than 500 anti-trans bills have been filed for legislation. Trans kids are being targeted and weaponized in hostile agendas. And violence against BIPOC trans folks, especially Black trans women and men, is on the rise. Every year.

When the spotlight suddenly turns on marginalized communities, it is a strange and vulnerable thing.

Our story is revealing itself, step by step. And our voices, finally, taking the mic.

Walk the Walk began as a series of intimate virtual workshops during the social isolation of the pandemic. Now, we are moving the project to the stage, turning process into a public work!

Conceived by Lead Artist K. Bradford (Invertigo Programs & Partnerships Director), Walk the Walk is guided by an artistic leadership cohort composed of Bradford (they&them); Invertigo core dancer Cody Brunelle-Potter (they/them); video and performance artist D. Hill (he/him); curator and artist Cedric Tai (all pronouns); and dancer and activist Lennon Torres (she/hers). And more artists will be announced soon!

Give today or bid on one of the items in our auction to help us create a mixtape of the body. A mixtape that forms the soundtrack to our futures.


We welcome and greatly appreciate gifts of all sizes, but here are a few suggestions if you’re looking for ideas:

$10 Strut your stuff and thank you! $10 covers 30min of time for one of our artists in rehearsal.

$25 You are a shining star! $25 covers one hour of performance day activities by one of our artists.

$50 What a fabulous unicorn you are! $50 covers 2 hours of rehearsal space rentals.

$100 You WALK that WALK to your own BEAT! $100 covers ⅓ of our Sound Designer’s fee!

$250 You are a unicorn with wings! $250 covers all props for the show!

$500 YASSSS Queen!  $500 covers all costumes for the show! If you donate at this level, we’ll reserve 2 tickets for you at the show’s September premiere!

$1000 You are a RAINBOW unicorn! $1000 covers artists fees for our tech rehearsals!

OR bid on one of our fab auction items to contribute (AUCTION link at the top of this page!)



Invertigo Dance Theatre is an institution at the forefront of Los Angeles dance, connecting people to story and community through a blend of dynamic contemporary movement and compelling theatre.

Walk the Walk embodies Invertigo’s passion for community, dance, and storytelling as conduits for healing and connection. By building programs that uplift and collaborate with systemically impacted communities, Invertigo cultivates non-cis spaces to share stories, real talk, and creative vision, and to create avenues for which trans and nonbinary stories can be an empowering force and sow seeds of understanding amongst allies.

In November 2022, we held a small public salon sharing works-in-progress performance and written pieces from Walk the Walk. Take a peek:

Special thanks to the California Arts Council for their support of the project.



Share Fundraiser

2 weeks remaining


7 Supporters

13% of $16,000 goal

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