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For the last ten years, Becky and her granddaughter, Ayla, have lived in apartments and rental homes in Rabun County, making the best of each situation. Ayla, who is special needs, and Becky, who has had several major health issues also, have prayed for their own home–a place they could make their own. For years, Becky and Ayla have prayed to God for a home they could call their own. They applied for a Habitat home several years ago, but it went to another family. “That’s okay, Ayla,” Becky said, “God knew that the other family needed it more than we did.” In 2022, they reapplied and were chosen. “We wanted to cry,” said Becky, “We just said–Thank You, Jesus!” Becky’s face shines as she lists all the advantages their new home will provide: “parking spaces for our company, Ayla can safely walk around outside on level ground, two bathrooms, and so much more square footage!” You can help make Becky and Ayla’s new home a reality. Rising supply costs have significantly increased the costs of homes here in Rabun County. ​In the past three years, the cost to build a Habitat home has risen 40-50%! With your generous support, our goal to raise $100,000 is possible. Thank you for your support!



You can help make Becky and Ayla's new home a reality. Rising supply costs have significantly increased the costs of homes here in Rabun County. Buy Beach Raffle Tickets and help  Habitat build homes for families like Becky and Ayla!

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Habitat for Humanity® is a non-profit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry dedicated to making affordable housing a reality for families in Rabun County. Our vision is to enhance the strength, stability, and self-reliance necessary for those in need to build a better life for themselves and their families. Habitat Rabun seeks to sponsor specific projects starting with the construction of modest but adequate houses and to associate with other groups functioning with purposes consistent with our mission.



7 Supporters

2% of $20,000 goal

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