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***Update*** Thank you to our generous donors, the dogs below have all received the care they needed and we are all so grateful for your continued support. We will leave this campaign open as there are always ongoing medical needs of dogs in our foster program and their stories serve as examples of the sort of care and medical attention so many of these dogs seek when they enter our program. 

This last year has been an unusual one,  but one of the best things to come from 2020 was so many dogs saved, with record number of adoptions occurring and a steady stream of new foster homes. More dogs saved however, also means more vet bills accruing. We currently have several medical need dogs placed in foster homes, and we need your help so that we can make sure all these dogs get the vet care they need and deserve. Each one is so special and we'd like to share their story with you.

-->   Maddy Boy


This wonderful dog has been on a quite a journey, and was one of our first quarantine dogs. He was saved with a group of dogs in March after the spike in foster home inquiries once people were ordered to stay home. This not only saved human lives, but also saved dogs like Maddy. Maddy was surrendered by his owner at a California shelter after already being rehomed once before due to his humans not feeling like they had enough time for him. After two owners gave up on him and he ended up at the shelter, we decided to give him a new chance in Oregon. He was placed in a wonderful foster home and we learned what a marvelous boy this dog really was. He was adopted out quickly and we thought he finally got his happily ever after. Unfortunately due to changes in their living situation, his adopters were no longer able to keep Maddy so he ended up back in our care about 6 months after being adopted. When he came back to us, we also learned he had recently been diagnosed with mast cell tumor (MCT) and would need surgery in order to overcome this cancer diagnosis. He had several growths at this time, only one that had been tested, but others that were concerning as well. He had his surgery on Friday 1/15/21, they removed multiple masses and sent two off for further testing and diagnosis so we can learn more about how advanced the cancer is and what our next steps should be. The surgery took longer than expected, and our boy is having a slow recovery from the trauma of having so many large masses removed from his skin. He has had to return to the vet a couple of times post-surgery, for pain meds and to have drain tubes inserted (his back leg was swelling really bad), but he seems to be on the mend and progressing down the right path of recovery now. We will know more in the coming weeks as to if we need to pursue any additional treatment, but for now we need to raise $1,500 to cover his surgery and additional testing. 

--> Milo 


This little guy was a small blessing in a big mess of a world. We had a foster home that was interested in fostering, but also could only manage smaller dogs because of a back injury. This guy didn't stand a chance where he was because he had an old injury that caused him to have a limp. We knew we had the perfect opportunity to save him and place him in a loving home, but also knew we were going to have to likely have surgery on his legs to repair them. Once he was in our care we were able to get him to the vet and get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan in line. What we discovered was that both back legs/hips appear to have been broken, like from being hit by a car. The left side has healed in a fashion that should be okay over time and does not need to be addressed, even though it has shortened his leg and the bone is overlapping. The right leg however, did not heal and is rubbing against the hip joint which has eroded and will need femoral head and neck ostectomy surgery. If left untreated, over time the leg muscles will atrophy and surgery will no longer be an option and he will lose the use of his leg. He would also have to be on long term pain meds. Milo is only estimated to be about 2 years old. The recovery for a surgery like this can take up to 4 months or longer before Milo is able to move well again, but his foster and him are up for the challenge if it means long term pain relief and increased mobility. We need to raise $3,000 for Milo's surgery, and we need to raise it fast, time is not on our side with this one. 




Appa arrived to Portland recently and has been a star in the foster program. This young boy has proven to be a very loving, playful, and well rounded dog. Appa was a last minute add on who hitched a ride on our transport after desperate pleas from the volunteers in California to get him out of there. He had no name at the time and was only referred to as Limpy boy, and resided in a shelter that would rather euthanize that treat an injury such as his (or even do testing to determine what the injury is). We didn't know where he'd go, what sort of injury he had that caused the limp, but we didn't care. We said yes and he hopped on the bus to head north. Appa has seen a couple of vets as well as a surgeon in hopes that we could find a treatment plan that would result in him keeping his leg. Unfortunately, there is such a malformity in his joint, that the only viable option is amputation. The surgeon stated this was likely a broken bone or some sort of trauma that was never treated. As of right now, he is able to get around and live his daily life like any other dog, but when he tries to run and play with other dogs, you can see that his bad shoulder definitely slows him down and causes him discomfort. For this reason we truly believe he will live a full life as a 3 legged dog, pain free and running along side his playmates. No pain to slow him down, no limp to hold him back. We need to raise $1,000 for Appa's amputation surgery. 


*If for any reason the vet bills come in under our estimate, funds raised will be allocated to other dogs in the foster program. 



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