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Dear friends and family.
Greetings and blessings to all. I am sending out warm wishes and prayers for health, protection, and peace during these tumultuous times. In spite of the uncertainties we continue to face, one thing remains sure: God is faithful, and we must trust Him. It is my conviction that when we share with those in need, we touch the heart of God and we are richly rewarded. I am coming to you again this year, asking that you join me in supporting the Patcha Foundation in this noble, life-saving work that is on-going. I have set a personal goal of $12,000 this year. Can I count on you to help me reach (or even surpass ūüėČ) it? I am trusting and believing that I can. We have only a month to go before this campaign ends. Please give as your heart chooses. Every gift will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
ūüíēLove & Blessings ūüíē

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In 2021 as the world turned from the pandemic to in person activities, at the Patcha Foundation we harnessed the impact of partnerships to focus on specific impactful events to increase awareness, screen for cancer and HIV, support patients, educate and inform the community, forge new partnerships and so much more.  Looking back, we can declare that we did it!  We did it because of you.  

Starting on Giving Tuesday till the end of 2021, we’re depending on you once more to reach our historic goal of $50,000 to enable us to continue our life changing work.  Every $100 donated will provide cancer and other screenings for one individual. Every donated dollar goes to fulfilling our mission to eradicate diseases, as we focus on increasing Cancer / disease Awareness, Screening and prevention, Early detection and Care (CASEC). The impact of $50,000 raised would mean immeasurable benefits for the low income and underserved communities we serve.

Give now and help us reach our $50,000 goal.  

The Patcha Foundation is an IRS 501c3 approved non-profit organization organized for health, charitable, educational and scientific purposes, engaged in disease and Cancer Awareness, Screening/prevention, Early detection and Care (CASEC), with a focus on increasing access to cancer and chronic diseases management resources, and shrinking the equity gap for low income and resource challenged populations. Activities include health fairs, workshops, a monthly newsletter, a yearly physical cancer conference (CASEC Information Exchange), livestream information exchanges (CVIE),  and medical missions to Africa. CASEC medical missions are unique in that they incorporate free cancer screening and treatment as part of comprehensive medical and surgical services delivery.

Vision: To become the pre-eminent health, educational, economic empowerment & life improving delivery system in impoverished regions of the world.



87 Supporters

50% of $50,000 goal

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